McCain’s oppo file on Romney

A few months ago, Buzzfeed uploaded John McCain’s oppo file on Romney. You can bet that the democrats have been studying and preparing ever since. Business Insider reduced the Romney tome down to 14 bullet points, calling them “bald-faced flip-flops.”

What can Mitt Romney do? He can’t change the past, he can’t deny it happened, and we can’t change the fact that we are stuck with him as the alternative choice for president this election cycle.

For me, it boils down to one thing:

Apologize for “Romney-Care.” Say he was wrong. Say he learned from the process, and instead of bringing the same mistake on a National level, he wants to repeal, replace, and move forward with fixing the economy by getting government out of the way of American Small Business.

It’s really that simple for me.

What about you?


2 Responses

  1. That won’t work for me. He’s a libturd, he has said so from his own lying mouth. He has said he would repeal ØbamaCare during the debates, all the while scheming in the background. The Florida AG Pam Bondi let the cat out of the bag way back in January, Romney plans to make all the states adopt RomneyCare. Further evidence of his nefarious plan is his selection of Michael Leavitt to be his transition team leader if he is elected. Leavitt is currently profiting from setting up insurance exchanges in preparation for the implementation of OCare and is part of that disgusting group of GOP-e types that actually support OCare.
    Romney is a lying bucket of piss, he earned the title of flip-flopper. His disgraceful performance as Gov. not only included RomneyCare, he was shutting down coal plants with Gina McCarthy as his environmental regulator, she has served in that same role in the current administrations EPA. Romney had John Holdren as his scientific adviser and that same loon has been the Science Czar since Øbozo took office.
    Romney illegally imposed homosexual marriage in Mass., has a terrible record of nominating radical leftists to the court and if he hadn’t been able to wrangle $410million from the Federal government, he never could have saved the Olympics…the same Olympics he refused to allow the Boy Scouts of America to participate in because of their recent victory in the Supreme Court that supported their not allowing homosexual counselor’s.
    Just like the South Park episode I linked to, this race is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

    • An excellent piece that illustrates most of the reasons Myth will never get my vote.

      5) It is the responsibility of the candidate/politician to earn my vote, not my responsibility as a citizen to compromise God’s moral standard to vote for them. I am the boss, they are the job applicant. Therefore, the burden of hiring is on them, and not me. If a candidate wants my support, live up to my standard and you’ll get it. It’s just that simple.
      “The Romney campaign — they want to win standing for nothing so that they don’t owe us anything in office,” Deace proclaimed.
      AMEN, brother!

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