Buy the rumor, sell the news

Wall Street reacts to Obamacare decision, mid-day Dow -150 and change, Nas -45 …

It’s going to be a rough ride for the rest of the year.

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  1. Ah Obamacare….. ou should live in the UK.
    We are locked into the European Union which is in denial, deranged and spinning out of control. However that always provides investment opportunities. For instance, if you have a few dollars tucked aside, say enough for a middle income condo, you could make an offer for Greece and install yourself as King. They have pretty much given up on democracy there anyway and are in complete hock to Germany. If you have run a household budget you have more economic acumen than their present masters. Spain are next in line for insolvency and Portugal and maybe Italy after that. It would be the domino effect except that they are for sale on ebay along with a string of Greek islands. Honestly if were not for the guaranteed success of the Olympics in 4 weeks time all would be doom and gloom. Chin up. Pip pip! vimto.

  2. I got out of that house of cards called the market completely a good while back. While it doesn’t effect me personally, it does effect my clients that are still in…against my advice…and the amount of business they represent will doubtless effect me.

  3. Hi No2Liberals, I still remember your description of riding your bike between two lorries and the heart-stopping story of you last flight out of ‘Nam. Respect.

    I’m fine, been around the block a bit including a brief visit to Florida to see my lad. That was my first trip over the pond and not my last I hope. I really want to see Gettysburg next time.

    I hope to stay in touch. I always keep up with American news. You guys gotta stop the rot. You have no idea how dire and undemocratic Europe is…..and America is only a decade away from this nonsense. Having said that, and against the odds, I still think the UK can turn up trumps. Our belated (65 years) honouring (yes there is a ‘u’ in there!) of Bomber Command is a sign we still have a sense of history and purpose…..

    Warm regards


  4. Yep. I’m ready to do her agin’.

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