Immigration agents: “Brace Youreselves”

On Wednesday, ICE Union president Chris Crane told PRNewswire: “Any American concerned about immigration needs to brace themselves for what’s coming. This is just one of many new ICE policies in queue aimed at stopping the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws in the United States. Unable to pass its immigration agenda through legislation, the Administration is now implementing it through agency policy.”

Crane continued: “ICE and the Administration have excluded our union and our agents from the entire process of developing policies, it was all kept secret from us, we found out from the newspapers. ICE worked hand-in-hand with immigrants rights groups, but excluded its own officers.”  source

Obama has bypassed the Congress with his refusal to enforce immigration law.  It’s a pattern of behavior that must be stopped.

Border security.  It is an idea that receives overwhelming public support.  It’s another of those issues that Obama is on the short end of the 30-70 split.   Strangely enough, we here nothing at all from Congressional Republicans.  I suppose, they are waiting on the momentum of the Tea Party to solve the problem in November.  They are nearly as worthless as the democrats.

Obama delenda est.

Debt Bomb

Fair warning–striptease and bouncing tatas may not be considered by some to be family friendly. DEFINITELY NSFW. Nice explanation of the problems facing us but I’m not sure if the male viewers will be listening to the lyrics.

Does economics need something a bit more extreme, like maybe pole dancers, for people to get the idea that you can’t run a deficit forever?

And a shout out to Karl Denninger at Market Ticker who has been busily scouring the internet for visual examples of the economic problems besetting this nation and, indeed, the world. I may not always agree with his solutions, but I have to admire his work ethic.

It’s deja vu all over again!

All right, Vimto.  What are you up to this time?

My internal stat count is telling me that a large number of readers from the UK have made their way to our little outpost in the blogpatch, and many of them are coming here after searching the word string, “zot media inc nuke”.

So, by including the aforementioned word string, “zot media inc nuke,” I am theoretically increasing the chances for those British readers to find our blog.

But, the question remains …  What the heck are you up to, Vimto?

From Wales is the venerable vimto, secret agent in Her Majesty’s service, who doubles as a mild mannered political cartoonist. Wherever danger is lurking you can be sure – vimto is there!

The last time this happened, Vimto’s article on Christian blogs from Somalia being abandoned, had been picked up by the Big Blogs because of a supposed terror reference from a commenter who had been linked to a ricin scare in Denver.  I haven’t heard anything about that case in a long time, so I imagine this is a new case.  But, frankly I haven’t a clue.
Vimto, if you can shed any light on this for us, we would appreciate it.

And, in the spirit of bring back oldies but goldies, welcome to the World Famous Friday Open Thread!

WFFOT:  Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back.  Coupons accepted.

Tightrope Tuesday

I think this is Stevie Ray at his prime.  Cleaned up, tight band, great sound, performing at Austin City Limits.

This is Tightrope, 10/10/89


Sally Ride

Sally Ride has passed away.

GodSpeed Sally.

Counting It Down: 41 Days To College Football

For you SEC folks, a welcome for a new member is in order…or not.

Keep in mind Aggies are a happy bunch, even when trailing 77-0 and their opponent’s running back is told to just lie down instead of scoring another touchdown.

Brian Terry: 1970-2010. A True American Hero

Our son didn’t have to die.

Authorized by the Terry Family

It has been nearly 19 months since our son, Brian Terry, was shot and killed by a Mexican drug cartel armed by a failed U.S. Department of Justice “gunwalking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.” Much has transpired during that time – especially in the last few months – regarding the investigation of Brian’s death. But not enough has been done, which is why we are writing to you today.

The pain that Brian’s death has caused our family is indescribable. No matter what words we use in this letter to you, we will never be able to justly convey how much suffering we have endured. We still grieve every day, and we are resigned to the fact that the agony of his death will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Not because he didn’t achieve his dreams . . . not because he didn’t live his life to the fullest . . . and not because he didn’t leave anything behind that we couldn’t celebrate or remember.

Our family will be forever grief-stricken because Brian didn’t have to die.

We wish we could take solace knowing that Brian died doing what he loved to do. After all, it was his childhood dream to make a career in law enforcement and become a federal agent.

Continue reading

Ghazali: “I am a terrorist, life for me has ended”

So said suicide bomber, Medi Ghazali, quoted in a Swedish newspaper, according to Wikileaks

The Balkan bomber, responsible for blowing up a busful of Israeli tourists was identified as a 36 year old muslim with extensive terrorist ties..

Ghezali’s rap sheet includes:

— Arrested for theft, Bank robbery, served 10 months and was returned to Sweden.

—  Captured as part of 156 al qaedans fleeing Tora Bora.

—  Detained at Club Gitmo from 2002 –04

—  Attended  madrassa of militant cleric Omar Bakri in London.

— Traveled to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, where he was captured.

— Repatriated to and released from Sweden

— Prison uprising in Pakistan 2007

— Recaptured trying to re-enter Afghanistan 2009.

— Suicide bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria, 2012.


More at Times of Israel

Banner Flying Over Penn State To Have Joe Paterno Statue Removed

Someone has a banner flying over Penn State today that says “Take the statue down or we will” referring, obviously, to the Joe Paterno statue that still stands outside the football stadium.

No word yet on who “we” is.

Best reader comment from  Tom Pandrok

“Just turn the statue around so that Joe can continue to look the other way.”


Great Moments in Leadership

Inspired by “Beltway Confidential”, courtesy of The Cube

Celebrating SIX years in the Blog-patch

We are 6.

That’s years folks.
Back when we got started, Facebook  hadn’t even been stolen yet.

Barack Obama was still a tall negro with a hook shot.

George Bush was the most hated man in the whole-wide-world.

Mitt Romney was a liberal.


Yes’m, we be 6 today!

Ain’t Life Good?   Thank ya’ Jesus!


Countdown to Kickoff — 53 Days!!

College football is just around the corner, can you tell?

This year the Dogs open at home with a pair of Tigers, Jackson State, followed by Auburn.

The message boards say that the Auburn game will decide the direction each team will travel for the 2012-13 season. I don’t doubt that. The Auburn game is almost always competitive, and I imagine another close one is on tap, but this time, the Dogs should win. In fact, I expect us to be 7-0 going into Alabama.

And, to our newest Bulldog fan, we say “Welcome to MSU.”

That sweatshirt never looked so good.

Friday Open

from facebook, a photo of James Hendrix, 1962 Ft. Campbell, KY


Thursday Linkage


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Google Recognizes Independence Day

I want to take just a moment to thank Google for honoring our country with an ole fashioned 4th of July image on their home page.  I’ve been critical of them in the past, and it’s only fair to recognize them when they do well.  Thanks Google.




Email received a few minutes ago from Mr Jimmy Copens, his own self.

This ain’t no black or white, no left or right, in DC they don’t know jack….I want my country back!

They ain’t gonna give it to us, Jimmy.  We gotta take it, bro.

June 2012, I blame Bush

Or… maybe it is global warming…


Where are your mobile manners?

h/t Peter Kim

Cellular Jerks: Where Are Your Mobile Manners
Presented by:

Shokka … AC comes out. Can Shep Smith be far behind?

One half of the prime-time cable news drama queen  tag-team came out of the closet today.

The fact is, I’m gay,” Cooper wrote in an email to Daily Beast blogger Andrew Sullivan. “Always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”

Sullivan, who is gay and is a longtime friend of Cooper’s, had asked the CNN anchor for his reaction to a recent Entertainment Weekly story—”The New Art of Coming Out”—which was, in part, about the importance of gay celebrities coming out of the closet to combat America’s bullying epidemic.  source.

I’m guessing Shep Smith will come out next week.  Yeah boy, I know.  You can’t wait.


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