Where are your mobile manners?

h/t Peter Kim

Cellular Jerks: Where Are Your Mobile Manners
Presented by: OnlineCollege.org

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  1. My phone is my money maker, not just for socializing.
    I severed the land line six years ago and went wireless exclusively, so my phone goes where I go and to every room including the bathroom. Unlike some I never touch it until I have washed my hands, though. My phone sleeps on the bed side table, it is my primary alarm.
    As for texting, I have no idea how many texts I send or receive on a daily basis. Some days it is fifty or more, some days none. I also have several email accounts tied to my phone.
    I always use a bluetooth when I’m out and/or driving. With my phone I can make and receive calls by voice command, I can also text and receive texts by voice command, along with many other functions by voice.
    I never go to a movie theater, but if I did, I would turn the phone off.
    There are jerks in this world on display every day, it doesn’t matter what format they chose.

  2. My cell phone is there for *my* convenience. I turn it on when I need to use it to talk to somebody; I turn it off when I’m finished. Forget about leaving my voice mail, I rarely listen to it.

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