Celebrating SIX years in the Blog-patch

We are 6.

That’s years folks.
Back when we got started, Facebook  hadn’t even been stolen yet.

Barack Obama was still a tall negro with a hook shot.

George Bush was the most hated man in the whole-wide-world.

Mitt Romney was a liberal.


Yes’m, we be 6 today!

Ain’t Life Good?   Thank ya’ Jesus!


22 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary, Nuke Gingrich.
    These anniversaries seem to come faster, but so do many other things.
    Regardless of the perception of time, may you have many, many more.

  2. Congrats sir! I’ll lift a glass to another six!

  3. Terrific! Congratulations NUKE!

  4. I have lost forty pounds since I started reading Nuke’s News and Views. It’s guaranteed.

  5. Hey, I think I know who found them 40 pounds, Beto!

    Happy Anniversary to you. (Lifts glass of sweet tea in salute, drinks deeply.)

  6. You know, my hair got gray stripes in those past six years. Any connection, you think?

    • I think those three grandbabies in that period might have something to do with it.

      • Could be. Daughter and children may be moving in here full-time. This whole economic mess is really screwing up families. They’ve been struggling since his last job folded and he couldn’t get hired anywhere for a long time, and it is taking (or has taken) a toll on their marriage. While he finally got hired (and has been undergoing training), I believe that they will find that his job will not pay the daycare costs

        Of course, the grandkids go home only on the weekends this summer because the drive is too long and gas prices too high for a daily home visit for them. Mommy stays overnight with them a couple times a week. The boys are okay with it, but the little one just cries and cries and clutches Mommy when she comes to spend the night. Doesn’t want to sleep, either, because Mommy is gone to work in the mornings when she awakens.

        I looked around town for a day care center that will take young children and there aren’t any. State regulations have pretty much run all the noncorporate day care centers out of business, and there aren’t enough little kids in town for one of those corporate day care centers to open here. When our kids were young, there were several small individually-owned day cares as well as retired ladies taking care of them in their houses, too. Now the older ladies that used to take care of 4 or 5 children can’t afford the licensing and inspection requirements, so they work at Walmart and grocery stores.

      • We just got back from 4 days at Gulf Shores (with the grand daughters). They came home with us for a few days more. Sure is fine, for now. I’ll let you know if it’s still that way next week.

  7. Happy 6th Birthday! I want to thank you for visiting my site over the last two years, especially when not many people were. Your comments were encouraging and the support was and is greatly appreciated. I’ll be looking forward to a hand with 7 fingers on it from you in a year’s time. 🙂

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