Counting It Down: 41 Days To College Football

For you SEC folks, a welcome for a new member is in order…or not.

Keep in mind Aggies are a happy bunch, even when trailing 77-0 and their opponent’s running back is told to just lie down instead of scoring another touchdown.

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  1. that might just be one of the funniest hitlers yet. Actuaqlly, I think A&M and Mizzo are going to do just fine in the SEC. And, once they upgrade their D-lines, they could contend.

  2. Just having some fun, getting all giddy with counting down the days.
    Hey, I went to grad school at TAMU, it is a wonderful school and while it may not bring instant cred as a contender, one thing it does do is give the SEC it’s second AAU certified university after Vandy. Don’t know if Mizzou is AAU or not.

  3. At least TAMU doesn’t have to deal with TU anymore, I envy them that.
    (The following is painful to watch)

    (But this isn’t)

  4. Hey!! TAMU just picked up two Alamo Bowl Wins!!

  5. 34 days!
    And the wHorns are still learning how to run Harsin’s offense.

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