Sally Ride

Sally Ride has passed away.

GodSpeed Sally.

7 Responses

  1. Such a shame that her life was cut short by cancer. What a great song to commemorate her passing!

  2. Thanks Swamps. Yeah, pancreatic cancer don’t play.

  3. I have some mixed feelings about Ms. Ride.
    I do commend her for serving our nation and the bravery she has shown.
    As for a theme song, though, I think another might be appropos.

  4. Ms. Lang’s band sho do know how to lay down some rockin tracks. Never heard that before. Musically, I give it a solid 7.

    That was the first viedo I’ve ever seen set in a titty bar. And the first I’ve ever seen in a Lesbian titty bar. And the first I’ve seen with 2 chicks lovin on each other. I give it a solid 6 for shock value.

    I didn’t know Sally Ride was homo till after she passed away. It wasn’t important for me to know that to respect her service. I do appreciate the fact that she didn’t wear her lesbianism on her sleeve. I also appreciate the fact that she didn’t come out after she became famous and become a lesbian icon.

    • Like I said, some mixed feelings. As to the song “I confess,” that is in reference to her ‘coming out’ in her obit.
      I still don’t know why that was necessary. Not big on the NTTIAWW-IT, especially with the current militant homosexuality storming the gates.

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