Southern Miss professor joins joins Chik-fil-A brouhaha

I saw this over at FR, via  Campus Reform.

A University of Southern Mississippi (USM) professor is demanding the faculty Senate reevaluate the university’s support for “organizations that are anti-gay” including the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A.   “We have a nondiscrimination policy at USM that includes sexual orientation and so if we have that policy, I think to live up to that, then we should not be doing anything to support organizations that are anti-gay,” associate political science Professor Kate Greene told local NBC affiliate WDAM Channel 3, regarding the Chick-fil-A controversy.

It’s causing more stink on the interwebs than it is at USM.  The professor, Kate Greene, was quoted speaking to WDAM that “anti-gay” organizations should be removed from campus.  A quick check of WDAM’s website doesn’t even show this on the front page.

Oh well.  No word yet if Ms Greene will receive the same fate as the Chik-fil-A bully.


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