Southern Miss professor joins joins Chik-fil-A brouhaha

I saw this over at FR, via  Campus Reform.

A University of Southern Mississippi (USM) professor is demanding the faculty Senate reevaluate the university’s support for “organizations that are anti-gay” including the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A.   “We have a nondiscrimination policy at USM that includes sexual orientation and so if we have that policy, I think to live up to that, then we should not be doing anything to support organizations that are anti-gay,” associate political science Professor Kate Greene told local NBC affiliate WDAM Channel 3, regarding the Chick-fil-A controversy.

It’s causing more stink on the interwebs than it is at USM.  The professor, Kate Greene, was quoted speaking to WDAM that “anti-gay” organizations should be removed from campus.  A quick check of WDAM’s website doesn’t even show this on the front page.

Oh well.  No word yet if Ms Greene will receive the same fate as the Chik-fil-A bully.

4 Responses

  1. What a loon.
    Treating all customers and employees with equal courtesy and respect is not anti-gay, but in her and her loony friends thinking, if you are opposed to homosexual marriage, you hate homosexuals.
    Hating those who disagree with you is the private domain of the gaystopo.

  2. Oh that liberal “tolerance.” What a screwjob!

  3. If they reject every benefactor that opposes Gay Marriage then they will effectively clear their donor rolls.

  4. The campus should be cleared of any Nation of Islam member too.

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