It Might Be The Middle Of Summer, But It Is Only 24 Days Until NCAA Football

Until some new memories are made by talented players in big games, viewing old videos is all we have.

Here is a tribute video to one of my all-time favorite ankle breakers from the 70’s, he wore number 24.

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  1. I tell ya son, I am so ready for kickoff. It came come too soon for me. But, I sure don’t envy those boys doing 2-a-days in this heat.

    • That first kickoff is always so sweet…the last second of the last game is always so bitter.
      I can remember what it is like to be young and healthy practicing two-a-days. They bounce back quick, if they are staying hydrated.

      It’s called the “Oklahoma Drill” all over the country because that is where it began. For this former lineman nothing gets the fighting blood up as fast.

  2. I’m lookin at this bike for my mid-life crisis. What cha think?

    • Are you an experienced rider? I’ve never heard you talk about riding scooters before.
      It depends on whether you are or not, as to what I have to say.

  3. I’ll get back with you on some thoughts later today when I have more time.
    I would say if you aren’t familiar with the bike and he doesn’t have maintenance records, it should be checked out thoroughly by some one who does know about this bike. I would also recommend looking up the specs on the bike and any reviews you can find on the model and year to see if there any flags.

  4. After checking some reviews, I can’t recommend this bike and certainly not at that price.
    Here is one review, that while overall fairly favorable, there are some things I find disconcerting. While I have been a Honda fan for many years, this bike is compromised for its price point. A single disc brake on the front and a rear drum brake in this day and age is very cheap. The review says it doesn’t do well on roads that aren’t smooth and the reviewer of 220lbs. squished the shock absorbers.
    Engine and drive train performance don’t seem to be a problem

    Here is what Kelly Blue Book says the price of a trade-in of a good condition bike should be. Note at the bottom of this link you can enter the vin number of the bike for any information that may be recorded.

    Keep in mind I am not a fan of cruiser bikes from the get go, so my criticisms may not matter, especially if you are “Jones’in” for it.

  5. Good stuff. Thanks for the reality check. I oughta know better than to buy something like that when I’ve got the fevah!.

    • It’s a hard thing to fight the Jones’in. Your gut clinches and your mind seizes up, only a good nights sleep can relax its grip.
      I don’t mean to discourage getting a bike, just determine what you are willing to pay, how much insurance and maintenance will be and how much you will ride it and where.
      I do recommend a Honda Gold Wing, even an older one. The engine, tranny and shaft drive are bullet proof and you can cruise to Beaux Revage with your bride and be frisky when you get there. 😉

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