Afghanistan: Time to go

Michael Yon has some interesting comments regarding the war in Afghanistan …

It is clear that this war will end poorly.  Time to cut losses.

Our continued losses in Afghanistan are for nothing.  We should continue with a smaller presence to harass and kill terrorists, and losses from that are expected and part of the fight.  But the ongoing larger war is going nowhere.  We have been there since 2001.  This is 2012.  There is no vaguely discernible end.  We should look at Afghanistan as a century-long project, to be put on a far backburner.  The United States has problems to deal with at home.

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7 Responses

  1. It was an outstandingly stupid move to go there.

    • I disagree. Staying for ten years is another matter.

      • Having a few people there was one thing. To move in tremendous boots on the ground and then tie their hands is another. THAT is the stupid thing. Turning over the authority to people that hate the soldiers and kill them every chance they get is also stupid.

      • Pretending Afghanistan is an actual working country is also stupid. It ain’t.

      • I understand all that, but shit stomping the Taliban and Al Qaida was the right thing to do.

      • Yes, shit stomping was definitely indicated; however, hanging around and being targets isn’t.

        Nation building there is going to a take a long, LONG time, and they’re going to have to want it. Right now, it’s just a loose association of tribes in varying states of war between themselves and against us.

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