The Friday before the State-Auburn game, and other interesting stuff

In today’s racially charged political environment, if any political disagreement with the current occupant of the White House gets characterized by the drive-by’s as racism, what does this button (seen at the demo convention) mean?


Other than illustrating the Democrat penchant for shallow-thinking-bumper-sticker politics, does voting for someone because of their race mean the same as not voting for that person for the same reason?


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread. Hubba, hubba, hubba.

WFFOT: disagreeing with the current administration since 2008.

19 Responses

  1. GO DAWGS!!

    Q: What do you call someone who voted for Øbama in ’08, but will not vote for him ’12?
    A: Racist.

  2. that is true, a sho nuff racist bastid!

    oh, btw, look under the zero hedge feed. hehehe

  3. oh yeah, they said, a vote for anybody but romney is a vote for obama. remember? so that means I am no racist. (just a bastid)

  4. Oh My!
    Looks like the Aggies caught the ‘Bama bug.

  5. Grace Potter say ooh la la

  6. stand up to cancer …

  7. I like what I’m seeing with the Dawgs.
    The young QB has skills and the defense is looking very SEC-like.

  8. Like I said, young QB has skillz.

  9. Looks like the penn state sanduskies are going to fall to 0-2.

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