Better SOONER Than Later

Since 2000 the OU Sooners have had an officially produced introduction video that is shown on the giant screen at Owen Field before the first home game.

The video is now done completely in house and the production value has improved considerably.

The recurring theme for the past several years, including this one, has been the expression “There is only ONE OU.”  In the following video, which was revealed just before this evenings 6p.m. CDT kickoff, former OU great football players are mixed in with current ones, including the coach.  The framing is done as to pay tribute to the tradition of excellence, as former players are presented as both being the force that fuels future success and as having the backs of the current coaches and players.

As a life long Sooner fan I don’t deny my bias, but in all honesty I believe this is the best of the intro videos to date.

As an added bonus, click here for the “Making of the 2012 OU Football Intro.”

BTW, a tip of the hat to Nuke for adding the SoonersFans rss to the home page, that is where I was finally able to find the above videos.

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  1. Since the game was against a weak opponent no network picked it up and was only available on ppv, but fortunately we have HolaKyle posting his typical HQ video highlights.

  2. the open date coming up should help the sooners work out the kinks before starting conference play. KSU looked good pounding the U.. I don’t think you’ll have to fork out for PPV to watch this one!

    • WTHeck happened to OSU?

    • Nossir, that one is already scheduled for 6:30p.m. on FOX(HD) in two weeks.
      Lots of young and new players got some reps last night. In particular I was glad to see some of the highly touted young D-line players get some snaps and one of our Senior D-Linemen will be back for that game after missing the first two.

      What about your cuz’s boys at Monroe? Big win last night, next they get a PO’ed Auburn at Auburn and Arkansas gets Bama.

  3. He took a Prez job up in Missouri.
    But I know he’s proud of the boys for frying up some bacon.

  4. Not what one would call a tradition rich intro to a newly renovated stadium, but it sure has a high cool factor.

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