Rick Rescorla: The man who saw it coming

Rick Rescorla predicted 9/11/01.


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  1. Reblogged this on writingmywrong and commented:
    Another unsung hero of such a sad and historic day.

  2. 9/11

    A day with skies of Robin’s Egg
    And higher up the Cobalt burned
    Standing in the windowed sky
    She watched the fatal, final turn

    The light reflecting from the wings
    Shielding glass that held their faces
    Eyes were met as death approached
    Frozen, in fate’s final places

    Quickly Prayers escaped the lips
    And in the hearts of these so bound
    God’s Will the moment soon divided
    With Spirits leaving mortal ground

    They watch us now, the dear departed
    And those who Satan’s will employed
    Released the Genie of despoilment
    The aim, all freedom be destroyed

    We will endure this newer fight
    And in the end of all man’s time
    Escape the grasp of evil tyrants
    Our resting place the true sublime

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