OH….IT’S ON!!!

First, a primer for Saturday’s game.

Second, some SRV music.(begins at 1:04)

Third, where your beef comes from.

Fourth, Bevo wants to be on your burger.

Fifth, the Sooners got an early Christmas present on Wednesday when Jalen Saunders(who transferred to OU in January) was cleared to play by the NCAA.

Finally, unless you live here you can’t fully appreciate the intensity of this rivalry.

Notable quotes:

“Football, in its purest form, remains a physical fight. As in any fight, if you don’t want to fight, it’s impossible to win.”-Coach Bud Wilkinson

The sight of burnt orange makes me puke.
Brian Bosworth(The Boz)

28 Responses

  1. Saunders has game-changing speed. Nice pickup, and just in time!!
    Boomer Sooner.

    • He’s a burner, fo’sho’.
      He had been working with the 1’s and 2’s since spring training, was relegated to the practice squad after the NCAA rejected his request to play this year back in August. Then, in the middle of practice Wednesday, Coach gets the call and call’s Saunders over to work with the 1’s and 2’s again. Apparently he has a good grasp of the offense, but even if they don’t have any specific packages for him, his being on the field must be giving Smack Brown and Diaz ‘night terrors’ thinking of Saunders taking the top off of the defense with his speed.
      Haven’t seen anything on the wHorn blogs about it, which makes me think silence is golden.

  2. Vols and Dogs under the lights tonight in Starkville.
    There will a bunch of hooing/haaing and cow bell shaking.
    I’ll be watchin’.

    • me too!

      I was a little concerned when tu picked up the quick 2 points to OU’s 6. But, the same margin prevailed throughout the entire game. Times 10, of course. Woodshed!!

      • dang. Lubbock is throwing down on WV. If somebody can sneak up on KState, yall are right back in the picture.

      • I wasn’t concerned, just disappointed in the mistake and giving them something they didn’t earn.
        It was a total shit stompin’ in every phase and included a whole bunch of seriously banged up wHorns. I don’t know if you saw the wHorns QB’s left wrist, but that thing looked like it was broken.
        We’ve been waiting for them to turn the beast Trey Millard loose and they finally did.

      • Taco Tech is always good for one upset beat down each year, like Iowa State. We already knew WVU didn’t have any defense, so if you can slow their scoring down they are beatable.

  3. Way to go Boomer Sooners!!! Had to do a little work today and was watching my home teams, IA Hawkeyes and ISU Cyclones in between work.
    Sooners gave up a few more points than they should have, but at least it will shut up the horehorns.
    Cyclones almost took down the K-State Wildcats. Yeah I know, close is only good in hand grenades and horseshoes. At least ISU is coming out of the basement to be a force in the big 12 and the Sooners have to go to Ames.

    • Your HawkEyes are having a rough year. Cyclones are tuff.
      The two garbage time TDs against the 2 and 3 defense doesn’t matter. Those young guys needed some playing time so they will be better next year to continue the beat downs.

  4. OH SHIT!
    It looks like the jig is up. I told my brother at half time that maybe the Sooners should ease up so Smack Brown doesn’t get fired and now the wHorn fans have finally figured out what I’ve known for years.

    those who might remember my previous rants…
    …might know i have always said having mack at the helm is the best thing for texas.
    i think this game has convinced me to change my mind. I think it is time for mack to move into his AD role and for texas to move on. being at the AD, mack can ensured a clean program is run, the only good ting i see about mack right now. he was never a great coach, but a good CEO, as he put it. i think he is not a good CEO anymore. I have said this before, with teh talent and recruiting pool we have, we shouldnt need to rebuild, we should reload.
    Im sorry to say this, but we need to start screaming for mack to retire. if we start now, maybe by end of net year it will actually happen! things have been tough these days, this has really depressed me 😦

    There is a picture of Ash’s wrist on the link.

  5. OUr friend HolaKyle is quicker than a hiccup.

  6. Nuke, the Bulldogs are playing with fire and urgency. Hope they keep it up.

  7. ESPN article on today’s Red River Shootout.

    “When they got down, guys were saying, ‘Let’s step on their throat.’ And we did.”

    With cleats.

  8. WOW!
    Great call by Mullen and what a game Russell had.
    Good job, Bulldogs.

  9. There was a victory lap and the planting of the flag.

  10. This always gives me the old warrior chills.

    The tunnel experience.

  11. Dropping the last hoof, TU QB David Ash has a fractured left wrist.
    *Update* Now they say he doesn’t.

    This fan shot after Ash fumbled…I will never get tired of this. One girl screaming f*#k, while the other one bangs her head and picks her nose…simultaneously.


  12. On SI.com Coach Brown of the Horns is bitching about the Longhorn network giving opposing coaches to much info on the practices.
    Can ya’ll hear me playing the worlds smallest violin!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!

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