Yankees Swept

from Sixpack Speak …


Before tonight, the last time the Yankees were swept in the ALCS was on October 10th 1980.

Three weeks later Mississippi State beat then # 1 Alabama 6-3.

Sounds like a good omen to me, if you believe in things like that.  Or even if you don’t, It’s ok to think it’s possible.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but aligning myself with any omen connected to a Yankee is just wrong on every level.
    Nuke, you ready for some football? How about pizza?

  2. yassir!

  3. Stay away from any contact with the Yanks. That’s a baaaad omen!!!!

    Work beckons so I hope my friends can have a excellent night with the Dawgs and Sooners. May they KICK SOME ARSE!!!!!

    pizza, yum yum!!

    Go Hawkeyes!!!

  4. Big showdown/hoedown in Norman next week. I hope the Gameday hoopla doesn’t distract the Sooners.

    Bulldogs are 7-0. When was the last time that happened?

    Lots of football left, but dangit, the season is already half over.

    • I was kinda hoping gameday would be in tuscalousa next weekend, but ND is a name draw, and it’s been a long time. Do us all a favor and dismember the poseurs. They got nuttin’.

      Oh, ’99, Jackie Sherrill’s team was 7-0, won the West division that year.

      • That’s right, Ol’Jackie. Did I ever mention my cousin bought his ranch in Texas? Deer all over that place and he doesn’t hunt. Gotta talk to that boy. His son is a freshman on the TAMU basketball team.

        Either site for gameday would have been a good one. At this point I would have preferred Tuscaloosa so as not to distract the OU players.

  5. HolaKyle never sleeps…after an OU victory.

  6. I was beginning to wonder last night if the Dawgs were going to wake up when I heard the HT score was 10-7. Sirius sat. radio is great and I got to listen to the 2nd half of the game after the Dawgs finally put in their teeth. No ? on the Sooners, they took care of business.
    Have the fire trucks ready cause both games this coming Sat. are going to be barn burners!!!

  7. That’s a million $ ?. I guess they hit a buzz saw. Hawkeyes will probably be weak for a couple of years until they get some good upperclassmen in the fold.
    Good luck this weekend.

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