Friday before the State-Alabama game, OU-ND, and other tidbits

Top-ranked and undefeated Alabama has opened as a 20+ point favorite over the Miss State Bulldogs for their game this weekend. The New York Yankees were swept in the ACLS. A one-time popular Democrat president is poised to lose his re-election bid. The MSU quarterback, starting only his eighth game, was heavily recruited by Alabama. This will be the biggest game of his career. The Alabama coach has multiple national championships under his belt. A statue of him resides outside the stadium in Tuscalousa, Alabama. Sound familiar? Well, it should. It describes tomorrow’s showdown between State and Alabama. It also describes another game between the same two teams, in 1980, when Emory Bellard‘s Bullies defeated the Bear Bryant-coached Alabama squad 6 – 3.  I think the similarities are more than just a coincidence.  The stars are aligned.

We Believe!  State 28, Alabama 26.     UPSET ALERT!!!

Notre Dame rolls into Norman with their best team in a long time, and the pollsters have taken notice.  The 5th ranked Irish boast defensive stoppers, and will be tested by a Sooner team that is hitting their stride at just the right time.  The 8th ranked Oklahoma team is a 9 point favorite, and I don’t think it will be anywhere near this close.  I’m looking for a good old-fashioned butt-stomping.  Oklahoma 44, Notre Dame 17.

Iowa travels to Northwestern in a critical B1G game for the Hawkeyes.  In a season filled with close games, last week’s blowout loss to the fighting Sanduskys was unexpected.  Look for Kirk’s squad to show up in Evanston, and play some cold-weather defense against Northwestern.   Iowa 18, Northwestern 14.

Other picks and scores:

Florida 38  Georgia 36,  Texas Tech 28 Kansas State 27 (UPSET ALERT #2),

Oregon 44  Colorado 14,  Oregon State 31 Washington 28,  Southern Cal 28, Arizona 21.

2 Responses

  1. That would be awesome if the Bulldogs could get that signature win. What I’ve come to realize about Tyler Russell is, he’s a gamer.

    That -9 margin you mention is probably going to change in the next few hours as the news that the Fighting Frenchies kick returner and fastest running back didn’t make the trip to Norman. He got the flu.
    I don’t generally make score predictions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sooners hang half a hundred and keep them out of the end zone. I’m excited about tonight’s game, not worried at all. What worries me the most if coming off this big whoop-dee-doo home game, they have an emotional let down at Iowa St. next week. Could be a trap.

    I just don’t see Taco Tech beating KState. If they did it would be because they scored points by the bucket and forced KState to abandon their running game.

    • Nuke, thank you for the vote of confidence for the Hawkeyes. As you probably already have seen the Hawkeyes went down in defeat today.

      The next order of business is go BOOMER SOONERS and DAWGS.
      Hopefully the football gods will smile on ya’ll when both teams kick some arse!!!
      I agree with N2L, KState will walk all over Tech.

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