SO0000, It’s Be Nice To Notre Dame For OU Sooner Fans Week

Okay, I’ll play along, I won’t say the things I would really like to say about Notre Dame.

I won’t call their football team overrated and untested, I won’t do it.  I won’t call the lot of them rainbow chasing, Lucky Charms munching, hunchback leprechauns or even mention how incongruous it is that their university is named after a French Cathedral, yet they are called the Fighting Irish.  I won’t say those things…no sir, won’t do it.

I’ll be nice, as nice as one can be after hating on those over exposed, over hyped football teams that made an almost 7 year old boy inconsolably miserable in 1957, after cheating(with a fake injury timeout) on their way to a 7-0 victory that ended OU’s historic and never threatened 47 game winning streak.

I know all about their glorified history and all the games won and how their Coach Knute Rockne hired the best players he could find, such as George Gipp, who provided their services to the highest bidder a season at a time.

I won’t be silent about how vastly superior OU’s winning tradition is to the Fighting Frenchies in the modern era, which is recognized as such since 1946.  The Fighting Frenchies can crow about how many games they won in the pre-modern era all they want, I am unimpressed.

I won’t be nice when I hear that “luck of the Irish” meme, either.  Perhaps they need to be reminded of “Sooner Magic” as often.

As for Saturday night’s game, I won’t be nice when all I hear from the alleged experts (including the Fighting Frenchies number one fan boy Lou “My Tongue Is Too Big For My Mouth” Holtz) constantly talking about the defense of the FF team…oh that front seven…oh that defensive line…oh they will put pressure on OU’s QB…oh they will shut the OU running game down…oh-0h-oh.  My firm and ample ass.  

First of all the OU QB doesn’t need a lot of time, most passes are gone in less time than a defensive lineman can get to him.  Secondly, the FF secondary is a decided mismatch for the OU receivers and their fifth year Senior QB, the winningest QB in OU history that has played in numerous big games on national tv. Thirdly, the OU offensive line isn’t going to be standing there, giving the FF defense hand written invitations to enter their backfield.  That isn’t the method they employed to score 52 points a game in their three game winning streak. Lastly, when OU gets the fast break offense going and are snapping the ball three times a minute, those big linemen and linebackers will have their butts dragging behind them in short order. They can’t prepare for that style of play in a few days.

Then there is the never mentioned (at least by the alleged experts) OU defense, with their shut down corners against the woefully inept FF receivers and QB.  A QB, by the way, that is a redshirt freshman recovering from a concussion, turf toe and injured shoulder, going against the fastest defense he has faced, in front of a national audience and 85,000+ lathered up OU fans.  A QB that hasn’t finished one game this season, either due to poor play or injury.  His backup?  He threw eight passes in the second half of their last game, completing one.  That one completion did go for the winning touchdown to his 6’6″ tight end and it was a lob pass.  An OU defense that is ranked #2 in the nation by this website that factors out “garbage time” when a games outcome is no longer in doubt and the starting defense is replaced with reserves.  Where do the FFs rank nationally in this service, you ask?  Why, they rank #9.

I will say this to our visitors from Indiana, you are welcome to come and visit and you will be treated with hospitality.

Just don’t expect us to be deferential to you or your universities football traditions, as ancient and quaint as they may be.

What you should expect to see and hear often Saturday night is the Sooner Schooner and shotgun blasts after each score.

Boomer And Sooner

Your mascot running for his life.

The nation watches “luck” run over by “magic.”

A “Stripe OUt” stadium. Instead of a “white OUt.”

Stripe OUt

And, just as the last team that visited OU and was ranked in the top five found out, a raucous stadium.

Irrespective of what the Fighting Frenchies expect, the hatred I and other Sooner fans have for you could never meet or exceed that which we have for the Texas LongwHorns, so you do have that going for you, which is a degree of niceness.

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  1. OU will also have an advantage with the 2012 College Miss Majorette of America, Megan McGeary performing her amazing baton twirling skills with the Pride Of Oklahoma.

    megan mcgeary

  2. Here is another talented photo.


  3. Oklahoma wins this one for sure.

  4. 2 wins in one day, AWESOME!!!

  5. Still a lot of time left, but…

  6. […] SO0000, It’s Be Nice To Notre Dame For OU Sooner Fans Week […]

  7. i loved the reference to austin powers in the notre dame post. good job…

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