The Friday before the State – A&M Game and other good stuff

Johnny Football and the Texas A&M Aggies travel to Stark Vegas this weekend for a Top-2o Showdown with the Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

This is the first Top-2o matchup played at Davis Wade Stadium since September 2001, when the Bullies entertained South Carolina in the first game played after the 9/11/01 hiatus. I’m looking for a high-scoring affair, with the Dogs containing the prolific Aggie offense.  State 45 – aTm 38.

Other Picks:  Oklahoma 56- ISU 28; Iowa 17- Indiana 14; Alabama 28-LSU 10; Georgia 38-Ole Miss 17; Kansas State 32-Oky State 33;

What are your picks?

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  1. I don’t do score predictions, for many reasons.
    I hope the Dogs can take care of business at home, the Tigers are looming.
    As for the KSU-OkieAggies game, I have mixed feelings. If KSU wins they stay in the hunt for the MNC ahead of the hunchback Domers. I will not watch a MNC with the Domers in it, unless Bama is there too. If it were to be the Domers and the Psychedelic Ducks…phffft, that would be a good night to shampoo the carpet.
    Back to KSU, if they lose two games then OU stands a chance to win the Big 12-2=10 championship. All considered, I would prefer KSU win out and play Bama.
    The added negative to OkieAggie winning is their coach might feel like celebrating.

  2. Let’s see how much crow I can eat this weekend, here it goes: Dawgs 45 – Aggies 37; K-State 56 – OSU 28; Iowa 14 – Indiana 21; Alabama 35 – LSU 14;Oklahoma 35- ISU 38 Good hunting to all.

  3. The ABC broadcast crew is quite possibly the worst in the history of television. The game had only been on for a few minutes and I was already considering the mute button. They are just flat wrong on…everything.

  4. And for our clairvoyant gastronomes.

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