It’s Election Day!

Hope everyone voted.  I’ll be hanging out at Free Republic and Grouchy, while watching the returns on Fox.

Hang in there folks.

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  1. What’s wrong with FR these days?
    For the past week their feed is always down.

  2. I tried registering there over a year ago, no one responded to my request.

  3. Ugh, it looks rough.

  4. I’m so glad some people here stuck to their principles by not voting and got BHO re-elected. Nice going guys. We wont last another 4 years, at least I and my family wont. Been nice knowing ya…

    • Oh fuck you. Did you see how Texas went? Or Mississippi?
      I voted against Barry just like everyone else here. Just because our votes are in Red states and the blue states(including yours) carried the asshole isn’t any fault of ours. It also wasn’t anyone’s fault here that the GOP once again trotted out a shitty candidate.
      Be pissed off all you want, but not at any here.

      • Did I miss your conversion to voting for Romney? If so I’m sorry, I thought you hated him so much you would teach America a lesson by not voting at all. So cuss me all you want to, you were the one that wanted to stick to your principles and only vote for the most conservative of the GOP candidates. Again, I’m sorry if I missed your conversion.

      • There was never a conversion, I still despise Willard, but I wanted Øbozo gone. It was actually a vote against Øbozo, not for Romney. I was more interested in getting the down ticket vote in. Not that it mattered, our h0m0 latina sheriff gets another 4 years.
        What is odd is Dallas County is bleeding red to the suburbs and the minority vote carried Ø again, along with the latina, but Ted Cruz won this county for Senate. Did the mexicans vote for him because of his last name? Strange.

        Nationally, Ø got almost 9 million fewer votes than ’08 and Willard got over 2 million fewer votes than McLame did. Source.
        I know they are still counting votes, but that looks like an overall lack of enthusiasm

    • I voted, Robert D. I had nothing to do with obama getting re-elected. In fact the exit polls are saying that 15% of the voters said that Hurricane Sandy was the most important factor in deciding who to vote for. That means Chris Christie had a lot more to do with Romney losing than any other reason.

    • Hey, Texas went RED!! Don’t blame us for the sheep in the blue states. Oh ya, I also voted.
      We all need to come together and tell the wacko media and the RNC that we are feed up with their BS and that the American people will choose our next candidate.

  5. Nuke, Croc, early on in the election season there seemed to be a consensus here that sitting out was a good thing if Romney was the candidate. I must have read it wrong, and thank you for voting. If anyone could have sat it out, it would be me in California.

    That being said, it is the end of America as we have known it.

    • I think we can find a spot for you here in Texas.

      I have got to believe and pray that most Americans will wake up before it’s to late cause if I don’t I’ll be singing “they coming to take me away to the funny farm where life is good all the time”.

      • If we were younger and my wife was in good health we would take you up on that. Unfortunately our bed is made and we are going to make the best of it.

    • Another case of a shitty candidate. If Willard would have attacked Ø in the campaign like he so gleefully attacked conservatives in the primary, he might have pulled it off. But he didn’t because he can’t attack a fellow libturd.

      • i think the gop is toast

      • As long as the GOP-e calls the shots I agree. The establishment GOP/Rockefeller crowd(which included Romney’s dad) tried to destroy Goldwater, told Reagan to drop out of the ’80 primary and were the first to start attacking Palin.
        How dare they call conservatives their base when they view us with such contempt?

      • I sure would like to see you expand on those sentiments for a full-blown post … at your convenience, of course.

      • Hmmm…might be able to soon. It’s info that has been around for a while.

      • I agree for the expanded post on the GOP establishment, when you have time. May it cause people to make it a focus point for change.

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