Congratulations To Johnny Manziel~Heisman Trophy Winner

There is and will be much written about the redshirt freshman phenom, the first freshman to win the award.

Here is an excellent article from Fox News on the young man.

Having won the prestigious award and the permanent inclusion into a small club, his life is forever changed. Unknown to most just a few months ago, that has ended and the remainder of his college career will be compared to this magical season.

Now the speculation begins, as to how he will conduct himself on and off the field, and if the Heisman will effect his performance in the upcoming Cotton Bowl. Considering how distracting all the attention, interviews, travel and ego stroking that occurs leading up to the bowl game, it is not surprising how often the Heisman winner is on the losing team.

Back on Earth, it is important to note that Manziel is, when all is said and done, a twenty year old human. He has had at least one scrape with the law this year, leading to an arrest. I haven’t looked into what the disposition of those charges are/were.

As an OU fan, I certainly hope the Sooners take care of business and defeat the Aggies on 4 Jan 13 at Jerry’s Death Star. If the current Heisman winner parties too hardy and isn’t in peak form for the game, all the better. The kid can play.

scooby doo

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  1. A couple of interesting tidbits, Manziel is the second Aggie to win the Heisman, John David Crow being the first. JDC was a personal friend of my Dad’s, knew each other back in the day in NW Louisiana.
    Manziel, born and raised in the East Texas city of Tyler, before moving to Kerrville, makes him the second kid from Tyler to win the award, the first being Earl Campbell.

  2. Scooby-Doo…where are…oh wait…there you are, you dirty dog.
    Using one of those fake IDs for a Halloween stripper party.

  3. He’s going to have to play his best to outscore OU.

    • In terms of a match up, this is probably as good as it will get and will have near the viewership as the MNC game.
      Still, having the BCS rip off OU for about $10million burns my biscuits.
      In head to head, OU leads the series 19-11…in the Bob Stoops era, OU leads the series 11-2 with many blowouts.
      I expect a high scoring game.
      Here are highlights from the last time these two teams played, 5 Nov 11, the day Ryan Broyles injured his knee.

      *Notice what the announcer says with a few seconds left in the game*

    • On another note, OU has lost games to the teams the #2 and #3 Heisman candidates played for.
      It would be tough to take, losing to all three.

  4. Good luck, Southern Miss, you are gonna need it. Monken and his immature mouth are your problem now.
    Six months after OSU beat OU and won their first ever Big 12 conference championship, you would think a normal grown man would rather talk about his teams magical season, not gloating over the injury of his rivals NCAA record holder in receptions or insulting a young QB that is the epitome of class and grace.

    “It didn’t take long when ol’ (Ryan) Broyles went down and (Oklahoma) started running (Blake Bell) to think, ‘Do we have our guy?’ That didn’t take long,” Monken said. “Landry Jones went from like, ‘I’m the man,’ to all of a sudden, ‘I haven’t thrown a touchdown pass (and) I’m fumbling it over my head at Oklahoma State. I gotta go back and see my quarterback guru.’ “

    That giant sucking sound soon to be heard in Mississippi will be coming from Hattiesburg.

  5. Well n2l, Southern suffered their worst season in school history this past season: 0 for 2012..

    It had to be a humiliating season for the Golden Eagles. They’ve got a lot of pride, and a strong tradition.

    That giant sucking sound has been going on all year.

  6. Nuke: The photo made me laugh out loud at 2 AM. So I “borrowed it” to my facebook.

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