My New Theme Song

Heh. But I confess I don’t practice trumpet at ALL.

6 Responses

  1. It’s catchy! I likes it. I likes it a lot.

  2. Good one, Swampie.
    Now I need to find a song that reflects the 145% profit I made today.

    • Heh. Well, you can find one for me, too, that reflects a complete lack of profit made today. Although I did save eight newly-hatched chicks from a watery death so that should count for something. Not a profit, though, since I’ll have to feed ’em. (Well, maybe five. Three of the chicks are still recovering in the incubator. The other five are outside in a nice safe pen with mommy chicken where they will not be eaten by hawks or owls or fall into large mud puddles when trying to leave the nest that Mommy chicken had waaaay up in a brush pile, NOT on the ground.)

      I did make interesting squiggles on a black T-shirt with a bleach pen. Yes, I’ve been spending too much time on craft sites.

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