R.I.P. Steve Davis~Sooner Nation Mourns

steve davis

While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made, it is clear from one family member, his nephew, that he did indeed die in a plane crash in South Bend, Indiana.

Terry Busby ‏@MrBarthalamul
My family just called. I can confirm that Steve Davis was one of the people that died in the #Indiana plane crash. RIP. You will be missed.

Until late in the 2012 season, Steve Davis had held the record for most wins as an OU quarterback, his record in the three seasons he started was 32-1-1 with two national championship titles. Those three years were also the first three years of Barry Switzer’s legendary coaching career.

One wonderful story I read about Davis was about the 1976 Orange Bowl with Michigan. He had been asked to give the Orange Bowl invocation and as he began the PA announcer informed the Orange Bowl crowd that Ohio State had just lost to UCLA. The crowd erupted into wild cheers, as they knew the winner of the Orange Bowl would be the National Champions. Despite this knowledge and being the starting QB for OU, Steve calmly waited for the noise to subside then stated…”Lets begin again.”

May God Bless Steve Davis’ family and loved one’s in this sorrow filled time, he was truly a good man and faithful servant to our Lord. He will be missed by many, many people; for those who only knew him as a football player and by those who knew him for the wonderful person he was.

The things that football teaches, you can never learn in a classroom or any other environment. Teamwork, cooperation, setting goals, dedication, perseverance. They are lessons that will stick with you forever and ever. They will come back and serve you well in business, in life, in marriage. In virtually every aspect of your life.–Steve Davis

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  1. Very sad news. I offer prayers for Steve’s family. And from this Longhorns fan: BOOMER SOONER!

  2. Davis spent 18 years as a sports broadcaster.
    Here is his first and only interview of Bear Bryant at halftime of the 1981 LSU game.

  3. The record of wins is even more impressive when you consider that teams in the mid-70’s played 10 and 11 game seasons instead of the standard 12 game season of today.

    This is a sad day for the family of Steve Davis, and the Sooner nation. RIP.


    • Another thing that is different now from football then, schools like OU had as many as 250 young men on scholarship. The competition for playing time was fierce. Davis was listed as the 8th QB on his first depth chart as a freshman.

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