Toy Soldiers, Cowboys, and Paratroopers


The liberals have completely lost it where guns are concerned.

Pop-Tarts eaten to form the crude shape of  hand gun,  a “bubble gun” causing a student expulsion, the hand-drawing of  a  gun getting a student suspended and ordered to undergo psychological counseling, pretend gun fingers, anything at all to do with firearms is causing unreasonable fear and loathing from the left.

It’s nutty, and getting nuttier.

Anyway, I was picking up some groceries yesterday at the Piggly Wiggly, and I noticed some interesting toys in the dollar bin.  I thought I would pick some up for my grandsons before they are outlawed.  I had all of these toys as a boy and so did my sons. I hope my grandsons will enjoy them as much as I did.

And, on a another note, this is an open memo to Colt, Beretta, Magpul, and other firearms manufacturers that are being treated as  undesireables in their home states.  PLEASE consider moving your operations to southwest Mississippi.  We have an abundance of willing workers who would love an opportunity to work for your fine companies.  We’ve got great music, unbelievably good barbeque, plus, you won’t find a more gun-friendly state in these United States.  Also, the cost of living is resonable.  Land is cheap, water is plentiful, transportation is ready and available; and, the simple fact of the matter is this:


If you have questions, or would like more info, please email me at  I’ll do everything I can to assist.


Thank you for your consideration.


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread:   A Free Speech Zone.

WFFOT:  Have you hugged your gunsmith today?

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  1. Might as well go ahead and get those boys a roll of 500 Black Cats. That’s the fate most of our green soldiers faced.

    Does your Governor shoot as good as ours?

  2. A training video for those grand sons.

  3. My floor is literally littered with the remains of the lil’ green soldiers on the battlefield (carpet, tables, chairs) when the grandkids go home. Stepping on one lurking unseen in the carpet depths while walking to the bathroom late at night tends to teach the grandkids words that their Mommy does not want to hear out of them.

  4. I have a friend with an autistic son. She said that she came home from work and pillows were off chairs and sofa, blankets were humped into mountains, and there were thousands of toy soldiers everywhere. Books were lying open on the floor. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” roared irate mom.

    “I’ve made an exact recreation of the Battle of the Bulge!” he said proudly, then picked up a book and started explaining the terrain and divisions involved.

  5. […] Nuke’s: Toy Soldiers, Cowboys, and Paratroopers […]

  6. I was just telling Michelle the other day that we needed to get some of the toy soldiers. I loved them when I was a kid, I’m sure the grandbabies will too. Don’t worry about the “Black Cats” I’ve got that covered.

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