Good Friday


Because he lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because he lives, All fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future.  And life is worth the living Just because he lives.



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  1. Praise Jesus!

  2. Gethsemane, we found our Lord
    Bleeding there from every pore
    And taking then the bitter cup
    To save us all with Holy Love

    Betrayed there, came they for his skin
    Since Judas Satan entered in
    Thirty pieces was the weight
    That seeming sealed our Saviour’s fate

    But railed He not against the field
    By Grace the severed ear He healed
    Then borne away and roughly so
    Yet anger did our Lord not show

    In the Temple of his Father
    Blind men sent Him to be slaughtered
    Still He did not raise a hand
    And went forth Sacrificial Lamb

    So to the Roman governor
    The mob proceeded through the door
    But Pilate found no fault in him
    And saw the special soul within

    Then rioting, the mob did chant
    Give us Barabas, kill this man
    So Pilate turned Barabas free
    And beat the Lord relentlessly

    So showed the visage marred to them
    And washed he then his bloody hands
    A wooden cross was bound to Him
    Whom Pilate judged was without sin

    To Calvary with whips and cords
    They drove our Savior on before
    In weariness he stumbled such
    That Simone the Cyrene helped crutch

    So on the two did bear the tree
    That to it nailed our Lord would be
    Then cried out did the King Of Jews
    “Forgive, they know not what they do!”

    Then gambled did they for his cloak
    And to the Heavens Jesus spoke
    Abba, Abba can’t You see?
    Why hast Thou forsaken Me?

    Then in the sky a Heavn’ly Host
    Appeared and Christ gave up the Ghost
    So in the tomb they laid our Lord
    And rolled a stone before the door

    Then three days hence was Easter Morn
    And Christ arose in flesh reborn
    Salvation was fait accompli
    With nail marks in the hands and feet

    Mark we this day and waiting brave
    That He arose man’s soul to save
    And so to all my kindred say
    “He comes again, prepare the way!”

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