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  1. What an amazing story of an incredible lady.
    Evil may win some battles, but it never succeeds because of such principled people like Irena.

  2. What I think about snake oil manufacturers like Gore…..Grrrrrr
    The real and actual don’t get rewarded by the likes of Nobel any more…

    I wrote this about Ted Rall many moons ago but insert any leftie name into the slot and there you are. Instant righteous rant.

    Is anyone besides me tired of provocateurs like Rall? He fattens himself on the same teat that Ward Churchill fattens himself on. To our great embarrassment, this is an industry that well rewards its minions. I would say this to Ted Rall, “You are an unfortunate by-product of our socio-political system. You are the exact opposite of egalitarianism and justice. If this were 1863 you would be a slave owner north of the Mason-Dixon and beat your chattel when they displeased you while printing invectives of those citizens who resided below it and did not own such. It is to our collective misfortune that citizens of your ilk are elevated to a position where you are able to inflict your inexorable vituperation on us all, even those who promote you. That those promoters are too obtuse to recognize the detriment you are to the collective is no excuse for their behavior. Your moral compass is defective and you relish in your pathetic bent. You are one of those who when your family is in a fight would only throw stones from the rear ranks not caring who gets hit.”

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