Sunday Night Synthesizer

Emerson, Lake & Palmer in 1973

Emerson, Lake & Palmer in 1973 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer …   one of the great ‘headphone bands’ of the 70’s.


I had never heard of the Moog synthesizer before this song.  When it comes in towards the end of the song, it really makes you want to turn it up loud!  And, having a good set of headphones makes that possible, without waking up th neighborhood.  Heh.


This is Lucky Man.




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  1. I don’t know if I ever listened to them with headphones, I usually blasted them through my 400w amp and Kenwood speakers with fifteen inch woofers.
    They performed many a fine tune. This is my all time favorite:

  2. I was a huge ELP fan! I remember doing homework with the headphones on and ELP playing.

  3. Oh, damn. I AM old after all.

    • Dang that’s fine!

      This one used to be the intro and closing music to the Miss. State Bulldogs football highlights show every Sunday night. We didn’t have many highlights to speak of, but the music was cooler than all get out!
      ELP- “Hoedown”

      • That’s purty, too. Funny how something like that can transport you back to when you were young and breakin’ hearts instead of bein’ a grandparent.

    • You were doing homework during this time and you think you are old?
      I was in my Senior year of high school when Greg Lake hadn’t even joined ELP.

      • Yeah, well my grandkids are older n’ your’n.

        And if my oldest granddaughter keeps to the family tradition of reproducing early, I’ll be a great grandmother (aaaaaaaaargh!) within a few years.

      • Mine are 11(almost 12), 10 and 7. My girls waited until they were almost 30.
        They learned from their Dad and Mom(the daughter of Satan) not to marry and have kids too young.

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