Defcad Liberator, Benghazi, and Cleveland

liberator_2The Defcad Liberator —
The dawn of the Wiki weapon, the 3-D printable pistol.

Here is the free download …!JplQVDDQ!Qi8kflIn8kMZl0hK96YW1h7RIc9vz2SfErzB-7qRV-0

Benghazi hearings start tomorrow …. is this be the beginning of the end of the Obama Regime, or will Hillary Clinton fall on her sword?   Fat Chance of that, I think.  Besides, it probably won’t be necessary.

All but the alternative media will give these hearings a full-throated yawn, as the strange abduction/recovery story out of Cleveland will occupy the 24-7 cable news cycle until the hearings are over.

You know I’m right.

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