NCAA Football: The Countdown Begins

By my reckoning, the 2013 season begins in 105 days.

There are already early predictions being made as to which teams and players will be the best, which I don’t care about. Too much can happen between now and 31 Aug, not to mention injuries once the season actually begins.

Trends are always interesting to watch, though, and in this current era of BCS football, Bama is the current dynasty.

As an OU Sooner fan the finish to the 2012 season was immensely unsatisfying. While many programs would dearly love a 10-3 record and a share of the conference championship, for Sooner fans not competing for a national championship for the second year in a row is frustrating.

Championships are won through good recruiting, coaching and fan support. OU’s recruiting has not been as strong on defense as in years past. This off season has seen a renewed energy in that regard, along with the highest turnover in assistant coaches since Coach Stoops became the head coach in 1999. The following recruiting video reflects that energy and emphasis.

In contrast, OU’s most bitter rival the UT Longhorns, are presenting themselves in a much different light.

Considering the UT athletic department has the highest revenue(and expenditures) of any D-I university, admitting they went away, but are back now must have been bitter grass to graze on.



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