NCAA Football=57 Days — The Evolving Fullback

An excellent piece at SB Nation Football Study Hall, The run game renaissance and the return of the fullback.

In the midst of the spread-option revolution that’s currently taking place, the fullback is again finding a role as the tactics of spacing out defenders and then out-flanking them has begun to find uses for players that can function as powerful bludgeons.

Having watched football formations evolve for over fifty years now and memories of some true tough guys that played fullback, it always amazed me that too often that position was schematically abandoned or minimized. In fact, for the past several years the All-American voting hasn’t even included the fullback position. I’m glad the author of the piece has recognized the position and acknowledged how vital it is to an offense.

OU Coach Stoops has always had a fullback in his backfield from J.D. Runnels in the early 2000’s, to the three they have employed for the past few years…Bird, Ripkowski and of course current fan favorite Trey Millard.

Who knows, with all the “evolving” that takes place in football, we may yet return to leather helmets and Split T formations in our lifetimes.


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