NCAA Football~40 Days To Go

With opera, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

With football, it ain’t over until the little guy with the funny name kicks the ball.

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  1. Coming Soon to a TV Near You: Red. River. Rivalry.

    Hook ’em Horns.

  2. Nuke, I’ve been coming across different comments by MSU fans and it seems there is a fatalistic attitude about the OSU game.
    I don’t understand it.
    OSU was 8-5 last year and lost a lot from that team. For some odd reason they are being picked to win the Big 12, I think only because OU will have a new starting QB and lost 7 starters on defense.
    Maybe it is because of lack of familiarity. The Bulldog fans need to take the OU attitude towards the Pokes, which began back in 1905.

    Stillwater! Stalewater!
    Muddy water, too!
    A. and M. College is a stalewater slough!

    OU holds the advantage in the rivalry, 83-17-7.
    To me, OSU winning this game is a bigger stretch than TCU beating LSU.

  3. we lost both corners to the nfl, plus are very young at both safeties. the fear is they light us up with the passing game. Especially since we did so poorly against A&M last year, and Houston 2 years ago.

    I think the dawgs are going to have a big game rushing for 250, and passing for 250. just another balance spread attack!

    I’m plumb ready, son.

    • Well, look no further than Kevin Sumlin on both those losses, who went to Houston after being OU’s passing game coordinator. OSU doesn’t have a Kevin Sumlin or a Johnny “Effing” Football. What they have is a “Gumby.”

      The Pokes are beatable…you gotsta believe!

  4. Couple of things in the video worth pointing out.
    The OU kicker was mocking the Buckeye crowd when they were chanting “block that kick.”
    An OU trainer tried to shake Woody Hayes hand as they left the field and Woody strikes the guy in the back.

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