NCAA Football~20 Days

The excitement is building, not just for fans, but for players and coaches too.

Coach Norvell is an invaluable asset to the Sooner coaching staff. Not only is he the receiver’s coach, he is co-offensive coordinator and quite possibly the strongest recruiter they have.

He has coached some of the best receivers in the country, including all-time NCAA reception leader Ryan Broyles. Last year’s group was initially thought to be weak going into the season, yet performed exceptionally well.

This year’s group is expected to be exceptional, with two deep experience at both wide out and both slots, which is creating a great deal of competition for the starting roles in training camp.

Judging from his recent recruits, Norvell may be taking the Sooners in a different direction. His last signee, freshman Cannon Davil is 6’5″, he has three commitments for the 2014 class that are 6’5″, 6’5″ and 6’6″ respectively.

The Sooners believe that not only do tall receivers have an advantage over shorter defensive backs in receiving, but that their size and long arms give them an advantage in down field blocking. Add to that a 6’7″ tight end freshman and a 6’7″ 2014 commitment.

The Sooners appear to be headed for a more run oriented offense this year and in years ahead, getting away from the up tempo pace. If that is true, expect to see fewer passes than in years past, but with the wealth of excellent receivers, expect to see the yards per catch average increase.

It’s almost time.

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  1. A teaser bonus for when I discuss the O and D line, as well as the plethora of running backs.
    For now here is the one and only Oklahoma Drill, practiced by almost all football teams from Pee-Wee through NCAA. (The NFL went totally weenie and doesn’t practice it.) Created by coaching legend Bud Wilkinson, it still does what it was always intended to do, create mental and physical toughness and is a chance for a young player to gain respect.
    The one contest where the D-lineman is bowled over by the running back #21? That was a 6’6″ 350lb O-lineman blocking a 6’6″ 324lb D-lineman when the 5’11” 205lb true freshman running back hits him. The freshman RB was the top ranked RB in the state of Texas last year and he will have trouble getting any playing time this year due to the RBs in front of him.

  2. and the writers picked okie state to win the conference? sheesh!

    • Some alleged experts have picked Okie St. while others have picked Texas. What they are basing it on is quite odd. Every time I have heard one give their reasoning it comes down to the fact that OU doesn’t have a returning starting QB. They also don’t think if Blake (Belldozer) Bell is the QB that he can throw. I know and others that follow OU know that he can, they don’t recruit kids who can’t throw. Bell was a Rivals five star recruit that was ranked the #4 pocket passer in the country in his 2010 signing class. In addition he is a running threat, as are the QBs competing with him, which adds an element to the offense that was missing during the Landry Jones years.
      Regardless of who the new QB is he will have an experienced O-line with depth, receiver corps with depth and experienced RBs with depth. He won’t have to be sensational, just a good game manager that doesn’t do things that will hurt the team.
      OU’s biggest concern this year is the D-line

      • alabummer has won the last 2 championships with a serviceable qb. much to be said for having an efficient game mgr behind the center.

      • Yessir, there is, but AJ is a little better than serviceable now. Bell has one of those intangible factors that AJ has, he is a competitor…his belly is on fire.
        The kid that was really pushing Bell, Thompson, broke his danged foot the first day of practice, so he is out until around the third game. The next kid that is pushing for the starting job, Knight, is a kid that can’t be ignored. He spent last year redshirting and leading the scout team. The coaches and players raved about him in that role. Here is an excellent article on this young Christian man.
        The next QB up is a true freshman, and being totally honest, if he wound up being the starting QB this year it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. A four year starter at a good program in one of the most competitive districts in the state, he ran an offense that is remarkably similar to the one OU runs. He has excellent vision and feet, and he can make all the throws.

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