No justice, no pizza

This sign was posted over at Patriot Nation.

I rank it right up there with the “I have a deram” sign from Corpus Christi


no justice no pizza


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  1. First things first. TraydMark got justice for his felonious assault on a wet night in March 2012. Zimmerman got his justice in a Florida courtroom this past month. The 700 young black males murdered in Chicago from the time TraydMark got his justice until Z-Man got his have yet to be addressed.
    As for the fetus factory holding the schtoopid sign, votes by people like her helped the Mombasa Mulatto get elected, but it was unprecedented voter fraud that sealed the deal.

  2. Be careful what ya say!!! Your cracker ass might get called a racist!!! It’s amazing how easy it is to tell who payed attention in English class. But that’s our fault too. We are such sorry racist!!! Martin got what he deserved and so did Zimmerman.

    • Back in the day, large families were necessary to work on the farm, grow food, tend to the animals, and defend the home against the bad guys.

      This woman has 13 suns, and how many dawtuhs?

      Sad part of it is, she doesn’t even recognize the irony.

  3. I think I know her…

  4. Love your site, Nuke. Always best to check your sources though – this picture is a photoshop (original picture here: )

    To madashell – “It’s amazing how easy it is to tell who payed attention in English class.”

    I think you mean “paid” there, skipper.

    Keep up the good work Nuke, God bless USA!

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