NCAA Football~14 Days

It is common knowledge that championship football teams have good line play, on both sides of the ball.

Having addressed what is the greatest strength of the OU Sooners, their experienced and deep O-line, it’s time to discuss what is clearly their greatest weakness, the D-line.

Graduation was unkind to this position, losing all the starters on the D-line, two DE’s and three DT’s. This may be a blessing or a curse, as last year’s D-line was unable to get a push on the opposing QB with most opponents, particularly spread offenses. As a result, when the DB’s were covering man-to-man, their backs were turned to the line, which made for huge gains by RB’s and running QB’s.

There are some returning players on the D-line that got some playing time last year, but recruiting for this group was weak with one four star recruit dropping his commitment and signing with another school. The Sooners were able to sign a former four star DT out of JUCO, where he was an All-American. I could only find video of him as a high school senior, at 6’3″ 285lbs. and he was a beast. He still has a reputation as a beast, only now he is 6’4″ 311lbs. One reserve OT has been moved to DT, at 6’4″ 330lbs. and one of the most experienced DE’s has been moved to DT and asked to gain 20+ lbs. There are several returning players who got some playing time at DT last year, but the DT position remains a major concern until we see how they perform

At DE, as mentioned, one steady performer from last year has been moved inside. There are a number of younger players who got some playing time last year that will need to step up. Two recruits seemed to offer a great deal of promise, with both likely to play immediately, if not start. Then as training camp was about to open, one of the DE recruits became ill, resulting in his spleen being removed. The young man should be fine, but will most likely be unavailable this season. The other DE recruit, one of my favorites and a young man I expect to be a memorable Sooner when he moves on, is Matt Dimon. Considered a four star recruit, he was the Defensive MVP in the State Championship game this past December on the #1 team in Texas and the #2 team in the nation. He came to OU in June and began summer school, as well as working out. When he arrived he was 6’3″ 254lbs. At the most recent weigh in, he was up to 268lbs. He has one of those high revving football motors and was impossible to block by one man and often defeated double team blocks.

As with the O-line, the Sooners have a new D-line coach, Jerry Montgomery. While we will have to wait and see the results, the LB’s and DB’s are already praising Coach Montgomery’s D-line for their efforts in practices and scrimmages, making their jobs a lot easier by stuffing the run. That is practice, however, until we see how they perform on the field, the D-line will remain the biggest question mark on the team. Should they perform well, or even better than last year’s unit, then this year could be very special.

It’s almost time.

*PS:All the play makers in the last video are returning for 2013*

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  1. Hey Nuke, it appears I will be watching State on the first night of football. No one picked up the ULM-OU game and is only available on PPV. I’m not real fired up about paying $39.95 to see that game.

    • Scratch that, need to check the tv schedule, State plays at 2:30p.m. and OU at 6p.m. I reckon TCU-LSU is at night.

      • 2:30 is primetime for Saturday football. I’m down wid it dude!

        Watch out for ULM, remember what they did to Arkansas couple of years ago. Or was it auburn? Can’t remember.

      • ULM beat UA, took Auburn to OT and nearly beat Baylor.
        They did beat Bama back when your cuz was there.
        Well, the Sooners will have to take care of business, whether I see it live or not. Ain’t paying that PPV price for this game.
        If you are looking for a good place to eat in Houston, try Niko-Niko’s.

      • Yeah, my cuz still talks about the Bama game. Down year or not, they were pretty special that day.

        We won’t be heading to Houston, but I’ll check out N-N’s next time we go to visit my brother.

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