Newest toy

A 9mm carbine from Hi Point, with laser sighting.

hi point 9mm carbine lazLG

Ready for a quick trip to the range!  I’ll follow with a review soon.


Open thread!!

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  1. I know you can’t wait to crank out some rounds.
    Please be sure to inspect it thoroughly and give it some oil.
    Hope you don’t have any trouble finding decent priced ammo.

  2. wallyworld had tula for $12/50

    • I cannot endorse Russian ammo.
      Be careful. Inspect the rounds before you load them for possibly badly seated primers. The steel casings can be very hard on the weapon, particularly extractors and ejectors. Their propellant is much dirtier than U.S. made ammo.
      My recommendation is to spend an extra buck per box for Federal or Remington(if you can find it). Brass casings are much kinder to your weapon and are reloadable and the propellants won’t foul your weapon nearly as much.

  3. You can’t hardly find an brass ammo in MS these days, and when you can they want $20+ for 50 rds.

  4. Nice home defense pick with a serious look. What kind of magazines does it take? I just bought the Kel-Tek 12 gage shotgun with a 14-round capacity.

  5. a 10 round mag comes standard. I bought an extra, and am trying to find out about a way to modify another magazine in order to have a hi-capacity mag. Hi-Point doesn’t make one, Pro-mag does, but the reviews I’ve read are horrible.

    Long time no see, bud. Come back more often.

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