NCAA Football~Nine’s Are Wild

Not only does the season begin for us here at Nuke’s in nine days, OU has a QB and he is number nine, R-Fr Trevor Knight.

Trevor Knight-#9

While this news isn’t a total surprise, it is some what surprising considering R-Jr Blake Bell has had actual game experience, in several key moments against ranked opponents.

I respect what the OU coaches are basing their decision on, after all OU has won eight conference championships with six different QBs in the last fourteen years. Since this was the first open competition for a starting QB job at OU since 2007, who would be named the starter has been a hot topic since 2013 began.

With a QB starting in what will be his first live game experience, many think the coaches are making a mistake, while many others believe that the competition revealed who was the best QB for the job.

My biggest concern with this isn’t if Knight can perform, but how this might effect the other QB’s on the roster and the four star 2014 commit. Should Knight prove to be the genuine article, that means he could be the starter for the next four years. Some might chose to transfer or not sign a LOI.

In any event, OU now has a declared starting QB and game prep for their first game on 31 Aug begins in earnest. With a veteran and deep O-line, wide receivers and running backs, he will have a strong supporting cast to work with.

Congratulations, young man. This Sooner fan wishes you every success on the field and in life.


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