NCAA Football~Nine’s Are Wild

Not only does the season begin for us here at Nuke’s in nine days, OU has a QB and he is number nine, R-Fr Trevor Knight.

Trevor Knight-#9

While this news isn’t a total surprise, it is some what surprising considering R-Jr Blake Bell has had actual game experience, in several key moments against ranked opponents.

I respect what the OU coaches are basing their decision on, after all OU has won eight conference championships with six different QBs in the last fourteen years. Since this was the first open competition for a starting QB job at OU since 2007, who would be named the starter has been a hot topic since 2013 began.

With a QB starting in what will be his first live game experience, many think the coaches are making a mistake, while many others believe that the competition revealed who was the best QB for the job.

My biggest concern with this isn’t if Knight can perform, but how this might effect the other QB’s on the roster and the four star 2014 commit. Should Knight prove to be the genuine article, that means he could be the starter for the next four years. Some might chose to transfer or not sign a LOI.

In any event, OU now has a declared starting QB and game prep for their first game on 31 Aug begins in earnest. With a veteran and deep O-line, wide receivers and running backs, he will have a strong supporting cast to work with.

Congratulations, young man. This Sooner fan wishes you every success on the field and in life.

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  1. Not to worry. The Belldozer will get his playing time. And, not only in 3rd and 1’s. You gotta know Knight is going to be on a short leash. Too many turnovers will put him in the Stoops doghouse quicker than a hound after a b*tch in heat!

    • True, he has to perform. I would point out, though, that Knight hasn’t been known for making errant throws. His Sr. year of high school he tossed 27 TD passes with only 3 picks.
      Knight was honored as one of the practice squad All-Stars. The defense had about as much success getting to him as they did Johnny “hand-cramp” Manziel, when he mimicked lil Johnny in the practices leading to the Cotton Bowl.
      That is what Knight brings with his passing game, the threat to take it all the way with winged feet. Maybe not the 4.nuthin’ that Nebraska’s QB or ‘hand-cramp” has, but decent 4.5/4.6 speed and deceptively fluid.
      The one thing you need with a mobile QB is another QB ready to step in on a moment’s notice when a safety pops him on the chin strap.

    • Heh ™ I’m looking forward to seeing him play. What game is the first real competition for the Sooners? (no disrespect to ULM, but hey, this is OU)

      • Well, the following week is against WVU at home. Don’t know how competitive it will be, but WVU does have a high scoring system and OU’s defense is the big Q. After that they play Tulsa, last year’s C-USA champ…then a week off and they travel to South Bend to face the ‘Fightin’ Frenchies.’

      • Phil Steele has the Sooner’s schedule as the 2nd toughest in the nation, while the NCAA has them at #8.
        Some polls have the Sooners listed as #16 in the country, while another poll has them at #19. Not only do I love these early polls, the players like it too. They have a chance to shock the nation.
        The last time OU was ranked #19 at the start of the season was in 2000, Stoops second year. What a special year that was.

        Trivia question…what did OU LB Torrance Marshall say to the new Heisman award winner FSU QB Chris Weinke at the coin toss before the BCS championship game?

        “You got my boys trophy(Josh Heupel), he want it back”
        “it wadn’t his”
        “yeah it was”
        “we gonna find out tonight”
        “damn right”

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