NCAA Football Week Three~Bumbling-Fumbling-Stumbling

Most expected to win the first two weeks have won, while others expected to win have not. Some of the latter have lost in spectacular fashion.

But, first things first, the game every one keeps talking about…endlessly…without pause…Bama at TAMU. I expect Bama to win, but knowing first hand what a huge advantage TAMU has at Kyle Field(the fans never sit down, they never shut up and the Corps of Cadets sits directly behind the visiting team), I wouldn’t be surprised if Bama lost.

My dilemma with this game? I despise Johnny Manziel, the Miley Cyrus of college football(just like her, you know he is going to show his ass again if you just keep watching). On the other hand, I don’t want Bama to be the first school to win three MNC in a row, their fans are already to difficult to live with in the same solar system. So in my ideal scenario, Miley gets knocked out of the game on the first play(hopefully a career ending injury so we never have to hear or see his bullshit ever again) and TAMU goes on to win the game.

In other bumbling and stumblings of football, Okie State is being exposed by Sports Illustrated which has caused an NCAA investigator to be assigned to them. It appears that the improprieties being revealed all started under Les “let’er rip” Miles and that at least one of his practices, having “hostesses” shower recruits with attention, has continued at his current job at LSU.

Then there is the situation in Austin. UT has the largest athletic budget of all NCAA member schools, last year they took in $162 million and spent $142 million. All of their major athletic programs(baseball, basketball and football) have been mired in mediocrity for years, while their coaches have been drawing huge salaries. As you might imagine, the money means nothing to them, but not having the prestige of being a championship contending program means everything.

As a UT grad and lifelong OU Sooner fan, I have known what the problem at UT is for years and it begins with their institutional arrogance that most of their alumns wear on their foreheads. The current situation they are in with their sports programs is the best medicine for what ails them, but they are in denial, they think their self-adulation is a universal belief. But sadly, they are coming to the conclusion that I reached, in respect to their football team, years ago. The real problem with their football team is Mack Brown.

Teams typically take on the attitude and persona of their coach and UT’s football team is a perfect example, they are soft and weak. Having had top five recruiting classes for years and years, UT has become known for what Notre Dame was a few years ago…a place for five star recruits to go and never be heard from again. This recent 2013 recruiting class for UT was the lowest it has been since I began paying attention to it years ago and fully expect it to be even lower this year.

Mack Brown doesn’t evaluate talent or develop it, he looks at the recruiting services and then offers the highest rated, with the UT attitude being “we don’t recruit…we select.” Finally, the rank and file fans have had enough and aren’t buying UT merchandise, not attending games and filling forums and message boards with their calls to fire Mack. Now it seems the cigar chomping alumns who write the big checks are getting the message, but there is a problem. The UT AD Deloss Dodds and Mack are conjoined and Dodds won’t fire Mack or insist he retire, so the fans are calling for Dodds to be fired. Sadly(for this Sooner fan), that appears to be what is coming and I fully expect to see a new UT AD at the start of 2014, and at least a new football coach, if not a new baseball and basketball coach, as well.

Does this mean UT will go out and hire a coach which will return them to a contending team? Possible, but doubtful. The head coach at UT doesn’t just need a good resume and be a rough, tough, hard nosed ball coach, he has to be a competent schmoozer in ever so PC UT and Austin social settings. That is the only reason Mack has lasted this long, he can schmooze and BS anyone.

So while UT football may be getting a face lift in the near future, I doubt the next football coach will make great strides, even though many UT fans actually think they are the premier program in the country and could get Saban from Bama, if they decide that is who they want.

OU has beaten UT nine of the last fourteen games. I’m gonna’ miss Ol’Mack when he is gone and not able to narrate the RRR game on the despised LHN.


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