We interrupt this gov’t shutdown to bring you

……this very important message.

We are one week away from the 2013 renewal of the Red River Rivalry.

It used to be known as the Red River Shootout, but the sponsor, SBC-AT&T, didn’t want anyone to think they were condoning gun violence.


I mean, this is Oklahoma and Texas. The chances of finding an unarmed household (outside of Austin) are right up there with the needle and haystack thing. But I digress.

The violence that will occur 8 days from now won’t have anything to do with guns. The sounds of pain and anguish you will hear will emanate from the historic Cotton Bowl and will be felt all across Longhorn Nation.

It won’t be pretty.

The over and under will be a tough one to pick, because it will be entirely dependent on OU, and whether or not Stoops is in a merciful mood.

ShaggyBevo has already made their prediction:



We now return you to your regularly scheduled government shutdown.


6 Responses

  1. As a Texas fan it pains me to say that you probably ain’t too far off on the score.

  2. You never know how this game will go, being such a huge rivalry.
    But first, OU has the matter of TCU to contend with tomorrow and wanting to impress 20 official visit recruits, including many who are already committed and 5 of the top fifty ranked recruits in the nation, all from California. Two five star and four four stars recruits, among whom is the most sought after running back in the country, Joe Mixon, who has narrowed his list of schools to Cal, OU and Wisconsin.
    Believe me, us OU fans can hardly wait for Oct 12, but got to give the Frogs (and our recruits) their due, first.

    Only home teams can host official visits from recruits and in the case of the RRS, UT is the home team. I doubt they will have any invitations offered this year. I’ll never forget ten years ago, when UT was the home team and invited one young East Texas running back by the name of Adrian Peterson. AD watched as OU rode into the Cotton Bowl, whomping and a stomping the wHorns 65-13, then carried their women folk off. Of course AD is a beloved former Sooner now and hopefully will attend this weekends game after having his jersey number retired at his old high school in Palestine, Texas.

    Also, as an OU fan, I wish Mack Brown would live to 110 years of age and never retire. He is the gift that keeps on giving for the Sooners. If, as expected, OU curb stomps UT next week, it will give Stoops a 10-5 record against Brown, which is of course unacceptable by most standards, but this is Mack. UT’s AD announced he is stepping down at the end of August 2013, so the search for a new AD is underway. I find it highly unlikely that Mack will be dismissed this year or even for next season. They will want the AD in place and allow him to hire his own Football/baseball/basketball coaches.

    As for Mack, he is a douche and really showed it making excuses for his player pulling a punk-ass stunt that could have destroyed an Iowa St. player’s knee.

  3. whompin’ and stompin’? carried off the women folk? Why, if I’m not mistaken, y’all worked up the Ol’ # 6 !!

  4. Another exciting day of college football, lots of close games.
    I knew TCU would be tough, they always are.
    Glad OU was able to hold them off in this game which was dominated by defense. Besides the low score, OU held TCU without a first down in the first half and 44 rushing yards for the game.
    Now we can talk RRS, Mack Brown and corny dogs slathered with mustard for the whole week.

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