NCAA Football~Week Seven RRR Day

While the current status of this 113 year old match up has lost some of its luster(thanks UT), it is still a game the fans and players get fired up to play.

Many times during the modern era of college football(1936-present) this game has featured both teams highly ranked in the national polls and a factor in determining the national champion. OU has won the last three in a row and few doubt that streak will be extended to four on Saturday. Their opponent, UT, isn’t ranked in the AP or coaches poll and have struggled to achieve a 3-2 record to this point. OU is 5-0 and is picked #8 in the mock BCS rankings which will be released Sunday night. However, OU is in an untenable position with regards to this game. Should they lose this game, it will ruin any possibility of competing for the BCS MNC. Even winning, by a few or another rout, it won’t improve their standing in the eyes of the pollsters, as they are supposed to win. At this point, even playing UT weakens a teams strength of schedule rating(thanks UT).

Much has been written and said about why UT athletics is in such a sorry state, and not just their football program. For the football team, only two words are needed to explain their collapse, Mack Brown. Teams adopt the attitude and persona of their coach, which is why UT football is soft and weak, despite having some of the most talented athletes in all of college football. Along with the ancient and unabated institutional arrogance of UT. Believe me, that arrogance is pernicious and pervasive, I witnessed it first hand as a student there and quite possibly the only OU fan in the entire school.

On one occasion, in the late 70’s, I was at a sports bar on Sixth St. to watch the game. Doors opened at 10a.m. with kick-off at 11a.m., and free pitchers until the kick. Those poor fools couldn’t pour those pitchers fast enough for that first hour. Most of the several hundred in the room with me watching the game on a giant projector were wHorn fans and with my lone voice cheering for the Sooners, lots of friendly banter went back and forth…except for one wHorn fan with no ass. On numerous occasions he would turn around from two rows down, flip me the bird and say “OU Sucks.” Of course, whenever a wHorn fan says those words the entire room would echo it. Fine, okay, I’ll deal with this popcorn fart later. As the game wound down to the final minutes and it was clear OU wasn’t going to be able to come back, the same fart boy turned back to me and flipped me off with a double bird and yelled “OU Sucks,” with every one joining in. As their voices calmed down, I stood up and yelled “if OU sucks, then Darrell Royal sucks.” It became very quiet, with some whispering and one man saying that I went too far. I then asked why? Do you know where Royal attended college? More silence and head scratching, with one voice shakily saying he played at UT. I laughed, and said “no dumbass, he was an All-American football player at OU!” They were completely and totally skull-fucked, they didn’t know and the end result was their arrogance and ignorance, with my timely information, killed a perfectly good four hour beer buzz.

Back to Saturday, in the various count down posts I made before the season began, I stated that the O-Line would be very good and deep, the running backs would be very good and deep, as with the receivers. I was right.
One question I had has been answered, Blake Bell is now the starting QB and is doing quite well running the offense and no turnovers since he took the job. The biggest question mark was the defense, which ended 2012 as the worst in Bob Stoops 14 years. That question mark has turned into a positive and has made all the difference in the Sooners success so far, as they are nationally ranked as the #9 team in total defense.

Unlike some, who have to feel hate for their biggest rival, I don’t feel that, it is a great game that I have always loved. But I have to say, there are some teams that you just want to pound with such aggression and savagery, that their ancestors and their unborn feel the pain. That is how I feel on RRR week, I want to take UT’s soul.

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  1. One of the best things about this game is the State Fair.
    We all have our favorite Fair foods, mine are a good ol’corny dog, slathered with mustard, and….

  2. Found this comment on a thread at Land Thieves:

    I’m finding it difficult to fully enjoy it this year. I don’t get it, I should be reveling in the glorious dumpster fire that is the Texas Football program.

    **** you Texas but this isn’t my normal **** you. It’s not going to be all elaborate and picture filled this year. It’s just a simple **** you, you’re not worth the effort this year and what most saddens me is I have the time to put it forth this week and it’s . . . it’s just not worth it. Beating you like a drum has become routine. Picking on a gimp dwarf just isn’t much fun after the first few times.

    I say “**** You Texas” this year for an entirely different reason. I say **** you because you are a prime reason why Oklahoma is looking at the distinct possibility of going undefeated and playing Fresno State in the Fiesta Bowl. I say **** you Texas because the most enticing and important game in the entire conference this season is being played on a Thursday night in God forsaken Waco! Sooner and Longhorn alike, let that sink in for a minute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WACO, ON A THURSDAY NIGHT!!! ****ing Baylor . . . BAYLOR!!!

    **** you, Texas, **** you.

    Yeah, what he said.

  3. It might be the inevitable “Upset Saturday.”
    Halftime scores:
    OU-10 TU 23
    UM-28 UGA 10
    Iowa St-21 Taco Tech-21

    Only the Lord knows how these games will end, with a whole bunch of games to follow.

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