Baylor Bears To Wear All Black Uniforms Thursday Night

There is much I don’t know and don’t understand about teams wearing hideous uniforms. Baylor’s choice for what should be a great football game is just baffling. Their school colors are green and gold.

They aren’t alone in this fad, Oregon has been disgusting and hideous since they began, with their school colors(psychedelic green and psychedelic yellow) obviously the creation of some stoner in the OU horticulture department. Then recently I saw Arizona State(school colors maroon and gold) wearing all red uniforms with black letters.

As I recall, ASU wore shiny black helmets, Oregon is liable to wear any color helmet, and now BU is going to wear matte black helmets with black uniforms. Not only the football team, but they are calling for their fans to have a “blackout.”

One thing I do know is this is a big game for BU and OU, both ranked in the Top Ten. Considering that OU leads the all-time series with BU 21-1, that BU has never won the Big 12 conference championship and that BU is ranked in the top Ten for the first time in my life time and is averaging 64 points a game against seven opponents with a combined record of 27-30, it is understandable that BU is willing to try anything that will give them an edge.

I just don’t understand what is up with the all black uniform. It isn’t like they are going to play with the lights out or with lots of shadows to hide in.

If BU is Shinobi, then OU is Samurai Jack, dressed in all white with Crimson trim.

Baylor…walk towards the light.


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