Execution Watch: Edgar Arias Tamayo(TX)

It’s a new year and first up for justice to be served is this creature for his twenty year old crime.

*Thug: Edgar Arias Tamayo(27 time of crime) 

*Date of execution: January 22, 2014

*Date of crime: January 31, 1994

*Victim: Guy P. Gaddis (Houston police officer, age 24)

*Last meal: Loser’s lunch, no special requests.

Meal was the same served to all inmates that night: a grilled pork chop, corn, Spanish rice, refried beans, mixed greens, and cornbread, with a choice of punch, tea, or water to drink.

*Final Words: “no”

Edgar Tamayo is a good example of why the death penalty is needed.  He was an ILLEGAL alien from Mexico that shot a young HPD officer in the back of the head three times after being arrested for robbery. 

This case is also becoming another Vienna convention circle jerk, much like Humberto Leal in 2011 and Jose Medellin in 2008.  The same tired arguments that were used then are being used now by Secretary of State John “Effing” Kerry.

Texas has traveled this road before.  It doesn’t matter where Tamayo’s native country is he came to Texas, ILLEGALLY, then committed the heinous crime of murder on one of our citizens, a police officer.  Tamayo was accorded all the same rights our citizens are in our justice system and was found guilty by a Houston jury, then sentenced to die for his crime.

I do not expect the board of pardons and paroles or Governor Perry to be moved by the international hand wringing from diplo-dinks or thug lovers.  There is always the possibility that the Supreme Court might intercede, but I believe that unlikely as the Medellin case set a precedent nearly six years ago.

Instead of worrying about how U.S. citizens might be treated in other countries as a result of this ILLEGAL alien’s execution, foreign nationals in this state (ILLEGAL or not) should be aware that we Texans will not tolerate our citizens being murdered.

Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the thug lovers, they are emboldened by the international diplo-dink involvement, along with some Latin groups and AmNasty Int’l.

Update:  Here’s to you 17E23

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  2. Tamayo was accorded all the same rights our citizens are in our justice system and was found guilty by a Houston jury, then sentenced to die for his crime.

    My sympathy and condolences to Officer Gaddis’ family.
    Tamayo has been accorded due process. The elimination of this particular sequence from the gene pool can only help.

    • He was here ILLEGALLY and paroled from prison in Cali for robbery. Arrested for robbery and then murdered Officer Gaddis. Those are the crimes we know about, it’s most likely he committed a multitude of crimes.
      A murderous POS and a continuing flight risk, as well as a continuing threat to the public.
      He will not be missed.

    • I’m Mexican and I live in Mexico City, I’m sick of all the violence of the criminals and it’s a shame that all that garbage went to USA only to kill or robber… This criminal must die…

      • I’m angry that Obama allowed guns to be shipped to Mexican cartels and they are being used to kill both Mexican and US citizens.

  3. On an up note, the 5th Circuit COA denied Rodney Reed’s writ today. Hopefully, thy will set an execution date later this year. This guy is a serial rapist/murderer.


    • What a bizarre side story this one has, lots of cries that he is innocent along with a documentary.
      Plus, it appears he has a hybristophiliac for a bride.


    • It should never had come to this. The only failure in the justice system is that this killer/rapist/crackhead, Rodney Reed, should have been put away years before. There are many victims and friends or family of his victims that will celebrate the day they finally exterminate this predator from this earth. Then he will burn in hell for not only raping and killing Stacey Stites, but also for raping and brutally attacking many others, including a 12 year old girl. He has left a trail of brutal crimes and is now one step closer to getting his due. Shame on the clueless supporters that are more interested in seeing another thug beat the system than actually getting justice. Counting the days until justice is done…finally!

  4. All this garbage about him being innocent are lies. They just make shit up. This guy is really evil.

    • She sure looks like she is getting off standing next to the plexiglas.

    • Oh, please. They say everyone is innocent (or too insane to understand their crimes), but don’t produce the “real” murderer.

      Those bullets did not wander into that young man’s head. This was murder, pain and simple, and someone did it. If you don’t think this person did it, find the real killer and STFU when the needle goes in.

      Except when it’s time to execute the real killer, suddenly he’s also innocent. It’s nothing but sophistry, a cover for a different agenda.

      • Agreed. 100%.
        Nice to see you again.

      • Hi,
        Wtf is wrong with you? Umm FYI he’s not the one commited the crime and that’s a fact! So stfu and take a fricken seat! How could he have killed him if he had the handcuffs on! And think about the skinny ass rails in the police car how could he possibly fit his hands through there? Ooooooooo magic! That’s just BS so think about what you said!
        Answer back!!!!!!
        Oh by the way it’s Andrea

        • Well, Andrea, who DID kill that nice young man? Did the bullet magically wander into that officer’s head?

          You can swear at me all you want, call me names, but you can’t answer a basic question: if the convict didn’t do it, who did? Which, last I checked, makes you the one who believes in magic and is full of BS.

        • (I will also note that you have at least three abbreviated curse words in your reply to me – WTF, STFU, and BS. The only one I used towards you is paraphrasing yours.

          You might want to dial that back a bit; it’s tacky.)

          • Ok edgar didn’t kill him. Ok, so I’m neither right or wrong the same for you your neither right or wrong.
            Also, why didn’t they want to revise his case? They atleast should’ve revised but they decided not too. As in neither right or wrong I mean by that we don’t know if its actually true. So they didn’t find his fingerprints on that gun. Also, a case happened years ago where they accused a man. That man was accused that he had killed a man in Texas. So, they gave him the death penalty and after he died they confirmed that he didn’t kill the man. But what’s the point he was already dead.! And if it happened once it could happen again.
            But I have to apologize for the first comment.
            Anyways he’s dead and what’s the point of arguing?

            • If there is no point in arguing, then don’t start a fight.

              Who is this exonerated person in Texas who was executed and then found innocent? (Hint: it’s never happened.)

            • For the final time, Tamayo admitted he murdered the officer. His guilt was never in doubt, only idiotic diplomatic efforts were at issue.
              Try clicking on a hyperlink in a post some time.
              Also, never…not once has a person been executed in Texas and later found to be innocent.

            • no2liberals and Bridget if you guys think that I’m wrong about someone getting executed and later on found innocent then GOOGLE IT! My goodness gracious and then tell me if its true plus no2liberals I wasn’t talking to you k. No offense.

              {From n2l:I don’t need to search the info, I know of the one and only case that the deceased criminal’s family got a bullshit ruling that the State disputes, ergo, the executed individual was never found not guilty.}

            • Plus no2liberals he never admitted it. #Factsstraight

            • Andrea, you are as dumb as a bag of rocks.

              Tamayo gave two written statements admitting that he had the gun in the police car, that he shot Gaddis, and that he knew Gaddis was a police officer. At trial, the evidence indicated that Tamayo, rather than the other passenger, was the shooter. The State also presented evidence that Tamayo had purchased the gun several days before the murder.

              Now, go away.

  5. I’ve linked a nice concise rendition of the facts in the Reed case. That the guy use to write for the AS and is not a thug lover is shocking: :


    • Good piece with great info and questions.
      Meanwhile, am a little surprised by the lack of info and news on Tamayo.

      • Too ugly for words???

        I’m sure it will be big in the news because of the Mexican connection and dumbass Kerry already opening his mouth on it. As to the flying monkeys, when they arrive depends on what continent they are flying in from.

  6. Off. Gaddis learned he was going to be a father a few days before he was murdered. His daughter, Stephanie, is now 19 years old:


    • Jillian Melchior has written an excellent piece, thanks for posting.

      For Guy Gaddis and his family, restorative justice is a harsh impossibility. But in meticulous accordance with the law, Texas’s courts have decided how best to mete out retributive, and possibly preventive, justice. Those who champion a convicted murder commit a fresh injustice to the slain police officer and his family.

      What a fantastic paragraph.

  7. The pols south of the border can whine all they want, but if you ask the average Mexican, they would say execute him.

    • You are right man, I’m Mexican and it’s a shame that Mexican Goverment is spending resources defending this criminal (and others). Death Penalty shoul be implemented in Mexico as well.

  8. Another mexican national has been added to the scheduled execution list but I don’t remember his name. I guess this means sustained whining from Kerry and the internationals. lol

    • I’ll look it up later. I know a Honduran named Cubas was originally scheduled for 16 Jan, but it was moved to April or May.
      I did some checking and the Supremes said they wouldn’t even look at Tamayo’s case back several years ago, so that door is closed to him. At this point I think he is set to become Satan’s newest chew toy in six days.

  9. There is a lot of whining that ruling his Atkins claim was defaulted was unfair. However, he waited 16 years to file it. Additionally, the court also ruled that he presented insufficient evidence to even trigger an Atkins claim. That was back in 2010. If they haven’t found the evidence by now, it doesn’t exist. Also, Tamayo was advised along with his Miranda rights that he had the right to have his consul contacted. He waived both rights.

  10. If I were anywhere near Pampa, TX on Feb 3 & 4, I would atttend the dna hearing on the Skinner case. Luckily, small town papers are pretty good at reporting and not shilling for murderers. (Who knew that Pampa was the county seat? No me. )

    • Stopped in Pampa for gas once. What a tiny, remote place surrounded by desolation. I’m from East Texas, not accustomed to flat, barren landscape.
      I wonder if Skinner’s skank will be there?

      • I dunno. She was banned from visitation for a long time though it may have been lifted. i don’t think they will transport him to the hearing. It’s not like he has to be there to aid his attys in any way since it is only suppose to be dna experts. And I doubt she wd fly in from fwance unless he was present at the hrg. I looked up Pampa on mapquest. It does have a country club, I shite you not!

        • They had to have at least one, ol’ T. Boone Pickens lives there.

          Wonder what the Fwench Wench is up to these days? I’m sure we will hear from her after the findings are presented.

          • She’s been making her stupid youtube videos. What little info they contain is misleading and they always end with begging for money. The latest is a whine about how she had to pay for the dna testing. Not quite. The state forked over a 100k for the current testing and refused to pay for more. The additional testing she paid for is forensically irrelevant.

  11. I want to say hello to this site. I was previously on Urban Grounds before Robbie shut it down.

    Glad to see one is getting his justice next week. And even if things go like the one did in Ohio, I have no sympathy except for the family of Officer Gaddis.

    • Hello Mark.
      Robbie and I swapped emails before UG went dark. It was with his blessing that I continued his good work, using his format.

      There is an excellent story Redd posted above in a link, which includes an interview with the daughter Officer Gaddis never got to see.
      I included Officer Gaddis’ photo which was thankfully available. That isn’t always the case when a crime was committed 20 years ago.

  12. interesting link, somewhat related: Some states look at reviving firing squads amid shortage of execution drugsA shortage of a drug commonly used in executions has prompted lawmakers in at least two states to call for the return of firing squads.

    Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin, a Republican representing Harrisonville, introduced legislation Friday (.pdf) that would add five-person firing squads as an alternative to the state’s current method of capital punishment, lethal injection.

    Brattin cited the prolonged death Thursday of Dennis McGuire in Ohio as evidence that alternative methods were needed after manufacturers of pentobarbitol, the drug most commonly used in lethal injections, began withdrawing it from use in executions on ethical grounds.

    It took almost 25 minutes for McGuire, who was executed for raping and murdering a 22-year-old pregnant newlywed, to die gasping and choking Thursday from a new combination of drugs that had never before been used in a U.S. execution. McGuire’s family said Friday it intends to sue Ohio prison officials for what they called McGuire’s “torture.”

    Missouri also allows execution by lethal gas, but its gas chamber hasn’t been functional since 1965. With the state’s next execution scheduled for Jan. 29, “we’ve been having all of these troubles getting the drugs to administer the lethal injection,” Brattin told the statewide radio network Missourinet on Friday.

    “I was just looking at a second option, something we could do if we had to utilize the death penalty and we could not administer the lethal injection,” Brattin said.

    Besides being “quick and something we could do at a moment’s notice,” he said, an execution by firing squad would be more humane than McGuire’s ordeal.

    Firing squads have all but disappeared from the U.S. While Oklahoma law provides for them if lethal injection is ever ruled unconstitutional, only Utah actually continues to use them, and then only for inmates convicted before 2004 as it seeks to phase them out. But the shortage of pentobarbitol has some lawmakers reconsidering.

    State Sen. Bruce Burns filed a similar bill (.pdf) Monday in Wyoming, saying the state would have to do something soon before it runs out of approved drugs for lethal injections.

    “One of the reasons I chose firing squad, as opposed to any other form of execution, is because frankly, it’s one of the cheapest for the state,” Burns, a Republican from Sheridan County, told The Associated Press this week.

    • I don’t know what the Supremes have said in the past about firing squads, if anything. This adds a new wrinkle, one that I’m certain anti-dp lawyers will pounce on to delay their client’s sentence.

    • What some states have done is get them from a compounding pharmacy. However, Texas law doesn’t allow for the anonymity of the provider, so the pharmacist who provided them started getting death threats (from the “tolerant” crowd of course).

      Personally I would go for bleach. It’s legal and made in America. And one murderer (a nurse) used it on about 40 patients.

      Oh and the poor pregnant newlywed went through much more than 25 minutes of suffering before her death. So I don’t feel sorry for the thug who had to die an agonizing death in the chamber.

  13. By the way, welcome Red and Mark. We are proud to be hosting the Execution Watch series here at Nuke’s. N2L is a long-time friend, and co-editor of the site, and with Robbie’s blessing, we decided to try and keep up the high standards set at Urban Grounds. Please add us as a bookmark to your list, and comment and visit often.

    Your comments are appreciated

  14. Not much news to add, though there is this CNN story that just came out.

    His attorneys are scheduled to present oral arguments Tuesday, calling for a preliminary injunction to stop the state’s governor and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles from considering Tamayo’s clemency petition until the process is “adequate and fair,” read a statement from his team.

    The Mexican government would get more credibility about concern for one of their citizens if they actually tried to prevent their citizens from coming here ILLEGALLY.

    • Well, that made no sense. Who are they seeking the injunction from? The trial court? The TCCA? What’s not adequate and fair about the clemency process? He’s not being treated differently than other defendants. They’ve had 20 years to gather any evidence they want to present to the clemency board. Sounds like just more last minute bullshite.

      • That’s what I thought and why I quoted that paragraph. Always some silly shiite with these people.
        I clicked on some communist website “fightthenews” or something like that. They said in Tamayo’s home town of Morelas they were burning U.S. flags and shutting down U.S. businesses like MickeyD and BK.
        Taking our Whoppers away? Yeah, that will teach us.

        • I doubt it. Again, the average Mexican is not pro-murderer. Currently, the entire country is being terrorized by criminals and murderers.

  15. The (Imagined) Horror of Dennis McGuire’s Execution by Dudley Sharp, Justice Matters


  16. Tamayo is asking the USDC for a stay. Here is an article with links to the motions filed by both sides:


    The state’s reply has some interesting attachments.

  17. Some people are so vile, so evil, that the world is a much better place without them in it.

    Edgar Tamayo is one such person.

    Rot in hell, you sick bastard.

    • Good to see your words again.

    • Why won’t you Rot in hell! Wtf is wrong with you?! Like you just be saying BS. what about you shut that big hole under your nose and just take a seat because clearly Your fricken Racist! Didn’t you learn anything from Martin Luther King? You dumb ass! So if you have the guts answer me back!!!
      Oh yea and he didn’t commit no crime and that’s a fact! So answer back

  18. Just think — thug lovers are searching frantically for Urbangrounds so they can once again deliver their cri de coeur: why do we kill people to teach people that killing is wrong!!!1!!!1!!! LOL

    • It’s odd. This thread has gotten lots of hits since it went up two weeks ago and has spiked in the past few days, but no thug lover comments. Some of the search terms are clearly thug lovers…”i want to write to Edgar Tamayo” and other odd and misspelled terms. Don’t know why the lack of cryin’ and lyin’.
      Maybe they are saving it up for Suzanne Basso?

  19. Hey ya’ll are some racist people. Nuke, why would you call him an alien from Mexico. are you stupid? Maybe your the alien. All ya’ll are immigrants too y’all know that. Have you ever learned history, native Americans were here first so don’t start with your ” oh I’m not an immigrant”. edgar didn’t do anything y’all just wanna be racist that’s it! Then why don’t they revise his case? Because they know that he didn’t commit the crime! Duh! Why so racist?! How is he goin to kill the police If he had handcuffs on? Oooooo maybe he used magic? That’s BS he didn’t commit that crime y’all just blame it on him cause y’all racist people! RACIST!
    Answer back Nuke!
    It’s Andrea, Yea I’m Mexican So What!!!
    Hey just to let you know I was born here. So ha. Answer,answer,answer!
    I’m going to be waiting

    • Edgar Tamayo, 46, received a lethal injection for the January 1994 fatal shooting of Officer Guy Gaddis, 24. Asked by a warden if he had a final statement, he mumbled “no” and shook his head. As the lethal dose of pentobarbital began taking effect, he took a few breaths and then made one slightly audible snore before all movement stopped. He was pronounced dead 17 minutes after the drug was administered, at 9:32 p.m. CST. Tamayo never looked toward Gaddis’ mother, two brothers and two other relatives who watched through a window. He selected no witnesses of his own. There were several dozen police officers and supporters of the slain patrolman were revving their motorcycles outside of the prison before witnesses were let inside the death chamber.

      Pro-Death Penalty.

  20. Next up the brutal bitch Suzanne Basso.

  21. I wasn’t able to follow things last night but I am glad to hear that justice was served. Hopefully Officer Gaddis’ family will have a sense of closure now that Tamayo is Satan’s b*tch.

  22. Here’s to you 17E23

    The night we lost Guy, I remember Dave Bush and I had pulled out of The Topaz parking lot right after we told Guy we’d meet up with him at Denny’s on 59 later that night. We knew it was going to take him a while to process these two turds that he had just picked up. There were several of us in that parking lot and every one of the officers there were close. We pulled a drunk over as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot. He was headed North on Chimneyrock and didn’t have his headlights on. As we were filling out the tow slip, we heard Bellaire PD come on the air to let us know that one of our units had just crashed into a home in Bellaire on Chimneyrock. We jumped in our shop and headed that way immediately. Our gut feeling told us it was Guy. We all thought we were tough….. I thought I was tough. That feeling changed in that front yard looking at my friend. We were all in our early 20′s and in every situation, we were in control. It was a different feeling that night. It felt like no one was in control and the chaos that was in the air was permeated with the overwhelming sadness of about 20 or more officers that were on that scene.

    We were blocking off Chimneyrock and making room for the helicopter that was going to come take Guy (although we had already lost him) and at one point, I stopped and couldn’t bare my emotions any longer and I went to the back seat of a patrol car that had the back door open. I sat down and without permission, the tears just started flowing. I don’t remember his first name but I think he was a 16 district officer. His last name was Poe. We always called each other by our last names. Poe pulled up close to the car I was sitting in and rolled his window down and said, “You alright Barrera?” It was a simple question. I said, “yeah, i’m alright.” I pulled myself together and stepped out of the back seat. I wasn’t alright but I appreciated him at that brief moment.

    The following week, Dave Bush and I went to inquire about a headstone for a monument that we wanted to put on Chimneyrock where the tragedy happened. The owner of the headstone business only charged us for the stone and he put the wording on it for free. We put the cross in the Beechnut substation with an envelope and within a couple days, the officers of the station had paid for the cross. The upsetting part about it was that there was a group of us from 17 district that wanted to put the cross out on Chimneyrock but the chief at the time, Sam Nuchia took it upon himself to take a moment to shine with the media and made a big “to do” on TV. After coming back to Houston from a visit to Corpus Christi, Dave and I noticed that the cross was gone and we realized that the time and energy we spent to get this thing together for our close friend, had been done without us. Regardless, I’m glad the cross is still there.

    read it all http://docp226.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/2165/

  23. Good find, Nuke.
    The perspective of an officer that knew Gaddis and was there is indeed welcome.

  24. Mexican Cop Killer Executed in Texas Given Hero’s Burial in his Hometown (Video)
    Those are some messed up people right there.
    Little wonder crime is so rampant in that country, too many don’t know what a hero is.

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