Execution Watch: Suzanne Margaret Basso(TX)

*UPDATE* Justice was served.

*Thuggette: Suzanne Margaret Basso (44 at time of murder)

*Date of Execution: February 5, 2014

*Date of Crime: August 25, 1998  

*Victim: Louis “Buddy” Musso (age 59)

*Last Meal: Last meal requests no longer allowed.

*Final Words: “No, sir.”

Looking at this woman’s history and deeds, her dysfunctional nature can be directly attributed to her family life growing up in New York.  I was reminded by her of something Tiberius once said about Caligula(and we all know how screwed up he was):

 …to allow Gaius(Caligula)  to live would prove the ruin of himself and of all men, and that he was rearing a viper for the Roman people and a Phaethon for the world.

For the citizens of Texas, this murderous woman will no longer be able to harm anyone else after Wednesday the fifth of February.

Basso’s role as kidnapper and ring leader of torture to death of a gentle, mentally challenged Louis Musso for financial gain was as brutal and sick a crime as any rational person could imagine.

In the days leading up to his death, Musso suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of the appellant and her five co-defendants. The appellant would take Musso to the apartment of co-defendants Bernice Ahrens, Craig and Hope Ahrens (Bernice’s son and daughter), and Terence Singleton (Hope’s fiancé), where Musso was forced to remain seated or in a kneeling position on a plastic mat in the hallway for hours. Whenever Musso attempted to get off the mat, O’Malley would beat or kick him. O’Malley, Singleton, Bernice, and Craig beat Musso, and O’Malley, while wearing combat boots, kicked him repeatedly. The appellant beat Musso with a baseball bat on the buttocks, back, and groin area, and both she and Hope struck him with a belt and buckle. After hearing that Musso had been “misbehaving” while she was away from the apartment, the appellant, who weighed over 300 pounds, repeatedly jumped on top of Musso while he was on his hands and knees, causing him to fall flat on the ground. At one point, Musso requested that someone there call an ambulance. Even though Hope, as she later admitted, recognized the extent of Musso’s injuries, he received no medical attention. Someone (the evidence suggests either O’Malley or Singleton and Craig) bathed Musso in a solution of bleach and Pine-Sol cleaning fluid, using a wire brush on his body. Apparently, his killers were giving Musso this kind of “bath” when he died.

Basso has tried nearly every trick in the book to avoid her just execution, but they have all failed, even her attempt to appear delusional when her competency hearing was held.

The harm this woman has caused so many, including to her own children, will end next week.  Justice has taken far too long for this creature.

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  1. What? no last meal requests?
    how about a final drink, say .. pine sol and bleach on the rocks!

    • Nossir, Texas no longer allows a last meal request since September 2011.
      Brewer requested the following:
      *two chicken fried steaks
      *triple-meat bacon cheeseburger
      *a pound of barbecue
      *three fajitas
      *a meat lover's pizza
      *fried okra">
      *a pint of ice cream
      *slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts

      Brewer didn't eat one bite. All he did was create unnecessary work for prison staff and waste resources.

      You should visit our old friend at Last Suppers blog.

    • As Robbie used to say the last meal will be “same sh*t sandwich fed to the other thugs on Death Row” (or something like that but not filtered, I’m allowed to check the Internet at work but I have to watch what I type). Interestingly it was a Democrat State Senator from Houston that pushed to end the last meal tradition.

      Nothing on TCCA site to date. Usually these go through pretty quickly. Probably will be on the site later today or tomorrow.

      She would only be the 8th female executed in state history.

  2. On 1/27, she filed an appeal of the decision finding her competent in the TCCA. After that it goes to the USDC, COA, USSC. Better hurry she only has until Wed.

    On 2/3 &2/4, is the Skinner dna hearing. Can’t wait. 🙂

    I’m also waiting for the TCCA to issue a decision on dna testing in Swearingen. The case was submitted on 12/4. The holidays screw everything up.

  3. Thanks for the info on her appeal, didn’t see that…but not surprised.

    Ol’Hank sure has managed to steal many metric tons of oxygen on this DNA issue. If this doesn’t work for him, I can still see him being an oxygen thief for many more years. It never ceases to amaze me how murderers can take a life with little conscious or effort, but will fight like the Hounds of Hell to stay alive.

    Had forgotten about Swearingen.

    Question, was it Willingham that the thug lovers insist was found innocent after his execution?

    • They claim him and a number of others. None, of course, have ever been found innocent by a legitimate court of law.

    • You’re probably thinking of this:


      He held a one day, illegal hearing, did not finish it, but pre-wrote his final opinion which of course, was never filed or taken seriously by any official court. What a buffoon!

    • I see that the Texas Tribune’s (the MSNBC of Texas Media) in-house anti-death penalty activist (under the guise of “journalism”) Brandi Grissom is once again pushing the Swearingen and Skinner stories.

      I have little doubt that her agenda is to PROVE these men innocent and have them exonerated.

      • Thanks for checking in, Robbie.
        If it weren’t for you I would never know what the loons at the Trib were doing. 🙂

        • Swearingen was shot down by the TCAA for the same reasons he was shot down back in 2010 by the TCAA. It’s ridiculous for the thug lovers to cry foul. And the TCAA was not at all happy that the trial court ignored it’s prior rulings.

          I see that Reed filed a motion for reconsideration with the 5th Circuit. This was predictable. It’s all delaying tactics. I want the case to get to the USSC asap so they can deny it and it’s put on the execution schedule.

          Brandi et al., keep screaming that the state did not prove that Skinner is guilty. When did this dna hearing become a trial? He was already proved guilty. And yes, his blood all over the murder weapon is evidence of guilt.

  4. Reading today’s news items on Skinner, only one so far reports that it was skinner’s blood all over the murder weapon. lol

  5. have an awesome week my friend:)

  6. Ha! I posted on some french news rag that skinner’s convictions would not be over turned and that nothing in their article was true. They deleted my comment. Frenchies can’t handle the truth!.

  7. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Federal District Court have both DENIED her appeals.

    We’re halfway there.


    • Excellent!
      Thanks for the update.

      • That was fast. I heard that the TCCA rejected her writ but not the USDC. So, today is the COA and tomorrow the USSC.

        • 5th Circuit rulings tend to be about 1/2 day late in posting on their site. If they rule this morning I will see it this afternoon; if they rule this afternoon I will see it tomorrow morning. But they may not rule until tomorrow.

          SCOTUS is a bit inconsistent in their postings. Sometimes the denial will show up the same day, sometimes not.

          But I will keep checking.

  8. The skinner dna hearing is big dud for the defense. They had one expert wit. They tried to call a nut lay wit but the judge would not allow them. So, tomorrow the state calls there witnesses.


    • Of course, this comes as no surprise.
      They need to finish off this little game so he can get a date set.

      • It appears that skankwife attended. So, glad this is going quickly. The scumranks are going to howl…

        • The Fwench Wench’s pleas for d’argent must have come through enough for her to make this futile trip.

          • Still no update for day 2 of the hearing. Usually, they have a midday report. His supporters were talking about “packing the courtroom” but I see no one but a couple of reporters and skank. I love how his attys claim that his health was too fragile for him to appear. lol More like the tdcj refused to transfer him.

  9. This UK news article is not only interesting for its lack of fawning over Basso, but the comments are even more interesting.

  10. I checked the 5th Circuit site this morning–nothing published. But it is common for both 5th Circuit and SCOTUS to rule on a case on the scheduled execution day.

    I will keep checking as I have time. But it appears Basso will be making her long, last ride from Gatesville to Huntsville.

    (For those not familiar, the women’s death row is at the Mountain View Unit near Gatesville. Gatesville is in Central Texas, just north of Fort Hood, and is much farther from Huntsville than the Polunsky Unit outside of Livingston.)

    • Thanks for checking.
      I agree, don’t think she skates on justice today.
      Doesn’t appear to be much sympathy for her, in general, after people learned of her brutal crime on a vulnerable man.

  11. Basso was denied by the 5th Circuit COA late yesterday.

  12. Brandi Grissom wrote the most biased and ridiculous story on the skinner dna hearings and the defense have been spinning like crazy. Probably take at least 5 weeks before the parties submit their briefs.

    • Brandi Grissom is a rabid anti-death penalty activist pretending to be a “journalist” at MSNBC of Texas (alson known as the Texas Tribune). She appears to have a bit of a fan-crush on Skinner.

      She’s a sick, sick puppy, right on par with the scum pals at Prison talk.

  13. The TCCA reversed the trial court’s order for execution delaying dna tests in Swearingen. Yeah, Melissa!


  14. Swearingen/Reed/Skinner – let’s make this year a trifecta of getting rid of evil.

  15. Basso filed in the USSC. It looks like the state responded. So, all that is left if one more defense reply.


    • Only minutes away from the designated hour and once again we are waiting on the Supremes.
      Why do these death row attorneys insist on inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on their clients by delaying the inevitable?

  16. She’s DEAD, Jim!

  17. Thank you, Texas. Justice was not swift, but it was certain.

    • Yessir.
      As for the lie that she was delusional and wasn’t competent enough to understand she was facing execution, she gave a direct reply to a direct question when asked if she had any final words.
      As usual, there is no lie to big or small for the anti-dp crowd to tell.

  18. It will be more than a month before the next inmate faces justice, one Ray Jasper.

  19. This judge Kelly Case who is handling the Swearingen case is a real fuck up. He beat out the old judge which I knew was a mistake. I had heard that Case was a republican and I see that the local tea party gave him an endorsement. He was a defense atty and judging by his rulings, he’s a real idiot. Besides illegally granting additional dna testing in Swearingen, he made messed up rulings in the linked to cases:


    He also threatened the DA for saying in court that Swearingen was guilty. The defense spews all sorts of nonsense and lies about their client being innocent, yet they don’t get threatened. This judge is incompetent.

  20. What I love about all these Stop the Execution of [insert name of your fav murderer] Sign the Petition!!!1!!! — It never works. LOL

  21. This slipped by me. The trial court denied David Leonard Wood’s Atkins claim. The decision came out last Oct:


    This video refers to additional dna testing, so I don’t know what is happening and I don’t see any new activity in TCCA:


    Be forewarned — this is the scum who has all the insane groupies who will pretend to be the family members of the numerous women he has raped and murdered. Real disgusting shits.

  22. Missouri executes murderer/rapist.
    Another instance of a compounding pharmacy being assailed by anti-dp jerks, forcing the state to find an alternative.
    Also, after the video plays on this story an auto-play goes to a video about Basso’s execution.

  23. Knew this would happened. A month ago, the DA filed a motion requesting an April 24 execution date for Swearingen. The trial judge ignored it. The DA filed another motion and asked again and also said if the court refuses to set it, he should recuse himself. Judge Case needs to go…


  24. http://www.cjr.org/the_audit/a_letter_from_death_row_backfi_1.php?page=2

    Gawker finally catching shit over that Ray Jasper letter.

  25. One of Rodney Reed’s fappers sent the 5th Circuit a nasty letter attacking a couple of wits and a judge. Typical.

  26. This guy Chris Wilkins murdered 3 people. At trial he copped to it and told the jury to sentence him to death. Now, of course, he’s fighting it in federal court. I did a search for additional info and found this:


    It appears the scumpals have found the TDCAA forum. Read the comments. The guy attacked a guard on death row and his scumpal thinks its funny.

  27. Let me guess, he is appealing his conviction due to ineffective counsel.

  28. Texas is moving along!

    Robert Pruett has a date in May.
    Clinton Lee Young lost his USDC appeal.

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