Ted Nugent Enjoys Some Play Time On CNN

I never watch CNN. NEVER. So it came as a surprise to me that the “Nuge” would appear on this network, though I know he has before with the soon to be departed Piers Morgan.

Ted appeared on a CNN show with some woman named Erin Burnett, who was oh-so serious about the most awful/hateful/racist things he said about our current President.  I’m certain she believed that her “gotcha” style journalism would serve as an ambush Ted could never survive.  After all, he had actually apologized for calling the President a “subhuman mongrel.”

What Ted understands about ambushes, unlike this Burnett person and far too many Republicans that appear on left wing news programs, is the most effective way to defeat an ambush is to charge the fire.  Which Ted did, mocking her and those she attempted to defend.

As outraged as this Burnett person was about his reference to a “chimpanzee” when discussing Hillary, I doubt she even noticed that President Bush was often referred to as a “chimpanzee” while he was in office, or if she did she thought it proper.

In any event, I need to thank the BirtherReport for providing the video segment with Ted, otherwise I would have never known it took place.

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  1. (Not on-subject with this comment, here, sir. Sorry! But, did you know today is Resa’s b’day? In case you wanted to give her a greeting or something. : ) And then, too, Is your old spot, U.G. defunct? It’s been a long time since I searched for ya, and I’m sorry for that. But I see time did not stop in the meantime. Glad to find you are still truckin’!)

  2. Hello Ma.
    No I did not know, thanks for letting me know.
    Robbie shut UG down a few months ago, near his ten year anniversary. He had promised his bride he would anyway, but then the news his family was to grow with twins on the way.
    Robbie is a good man, his honesty and perspectives are missed.
    Good to hear from you, don’t be a stranger.

    • Twins! I’ve got twins. It wasn’t until they were grown up that they got re-tested and it was found that they are identical. If you’re ever out MN-way, stop in, if ya don’t mind 4-ft.-deep snow. : ) I’ll stop by this site oftener, though. Thanks. : )

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