EXECUTION WATCH: Ray Jasper (TX)*Updated*

David Alejandro

*Thug: Ray Jasper (19 at time of offense)
*Date of Execution:March 19, 2014
*Date of Crime: November 29, 1998
*Victim: David Alejandro(33)
*Last Meal: Same shit salad served to inmates that day. *UPDATE*: For his last meal, Jasper had baked chicken, roasted potatoes, a vegetable blend, navy beans, and sliced bread. He was given a choice of tea, punch, or water to drink.(per Last Suppers Book)
*Final Words: TBD. I expect them to be self-serving. *UPDATE*: Before being put to death, Jasper spoke quietly, asking his family to “take care of each other, stay strong and faithful to God.” He also thanked his supporters and told his daughter that he loved her, adding that she “be strong, be positive, have a great life.” Jasper then asked that the “Lord God almighty in heaven Jesus Christ see my spirit.”(per Pro-Death Penalty)
No mention of the victim or remorse for his crime.

Now comes one Ray Jasper, a murderer that claims he isn’t because his cutting the throat of the victim wasn’t declared the cause of death, his accomplices twenty stab wounds were deemed the cause. A truly pathetic defense that has been lapped up by the bowl full from the hand-wringing thug lovers. He planned the crime, initiated it, offered no assistance to the man whose throat he slashed, then covered the victim so he wouldn’t have to look at him as he carried out his planned robbery.

The death penalty is intended for creatures such as this and come this Wednesday evening, Jasper will become Satan’s newest chew toy.

Jasper got some recent attention for a narcissistic, pathetic, self-serving and remorseless long winded letter which was published at numerous blogs and websites.  I won’t give it a direct link here, nor to the response from the brother of David Alejandro(Steven).  I will link to an interesting article I found in the Dallas Morning News yesterday, Stop turning death row inmates into tragic celebrities. The author isn’t my newest hero, nor is Steven Alejandro, but they are certainly more clear and direct than Jasper.

Jasper is fully and solely responsible for his pending execution, not the State of Texas.

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  1. I understand your reasoning regarding the brother and the op-ed writer. I find this “he speaks a lot of truths” utter bullshit.

    • My deepest sympathy to his brother and all his family. I can only imagine what they are going through right now. With Steven, only for Jasper does he now suspend his anti-DP stance? WTF, Steven? If anything, this case should open your mind and your heart to the suffering victims everywhere that have lost some one to a murderous asshole have experienced.

      For the op-ed writer, I sense a strong sense of justice crying out to be free. Considering how she would be treated by others in her profession, as well as the fact that she writes for the DMN, this is about as strong a piece as she could get published.

      I expect Steven will be in attendance tomorrow night. Perhaps when Jasper spouts more of his BS he will better understand that the DP is necessary and just.

  2. Does anyone know if Jasper has any pending appeals? I have not seen anything on the 5th Circuit website as of today.

  3. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals decided today to delay the execution of Clayton Lockett from this Thursday to April 22, and the execution of Charles Warner from March 27 to April 29 as the state rushes to find the fatal pharmaceuticals on a national gray market.

    In response to a request from Texas for advice on how to deal with the scarcity of the lethal injection drug sodium thiopental, records show that Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General Seth Branham quipped in a January 2011 email to a colleague that Oklahoma might cooperate in exchange for much sought-after 50-yard-line tickets to the Red River Rivalry, a football game between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas. In a reply, fellow Assistant Attorney General Stephen J. Krise joked that for Oklahoma’s assistance Texas’s team should intentionally lose several games.

    “Looks like they waited until the last minute and now need help from those they refused to help earlier,” Krise wrote. “So, I propose we help if TX promises to take a dive in the OU-TX game for the next 4 years.”


  4. yeah, I still can’t explain last year.
    bleach will do. a good stout rope worked well for quite a long time, too. No need to get fancy with all the “humane” chemicals.

    • I can splain it, but it still shouldn’t have happened. The ND and TCU games before the RRS took a toll on OU physically.

      Bleach, anti-freeze, they all will get the job done, but then the weasel’s will file appeals and motions claiming cruel and unusual punishment.
      What is needed is a law that will protect the compounding pharmacies privacy so they don’t get attacked and threatened by the thug lover crowd.
      Or a good old firing squad.

      • the results of that game kept mack at tu for the rest of the year, and kept saban at alabama indefinitely.

      • Some states have that law. I believe Missouri is one of them. But Texas doesn’t and that needs to change.

        Still have nothing regarding any appeals. Does anyone know anything more (appeals in process, none to be filed, etc.)?

  5. I love gifs.
    This is for the thug lovers.

  6. Well, the stat file says we’re getting a number of international visitors at the moment, and even a few google translations for the Francais-speakers. Come on in, y’all and pull up a chair. It’s Jasper’s last big day, and we’ve got ringside seats!!

  7. A rapper huh? Arent they all anymore? Anyways, maybe ol’ Ray-Dog can rap out his last words, Talk about the REAL Deathrow Recprds!!! Oh.well,I just hope to read those eloquent words “He’s dead” sometime after 6pm

    • I don’t know if he will have a rap-crappy song or not, but if he says anything I’m sure it will be self-adoring with no mention of his victim or his crimes.

  8. He was denied by the 5th, so it’s onward to the USSC where they will also deny his writ/appeal.

  9. There is a guy on another site (don’t ask for a link) with a bonifide execution fetish. Has had this all his life. Likes to imagine/play at what it would be like to be executed. And tho he hasn’t admitted it, I am sure “fluids” are involved.”

  10. He dead!

  11. Hmmm. Per Execution Watch, Jasper threatened to shoot everyone in the courtroom.

  12. Boy, he’s getting roasted by the defense attys on Execution Watch.

  13. There is even more good news on this day.
    State Finds New Supplier For Execution Drugs

    But correction officials will not say where they bought the drugs, arguing that information must be kept secret to protect the safety of its new supplier. In interviews with The Associated Press, officials with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice also refused to say whether providing anonymity to its new supplier of the sedative pentobarbital was a condition of its purchase.

    The decision to keep details about the drugs and their source secret puts the agency at odds with past rulings of the state attorney general’s office, which has said the state’s open records law requires the agency to disclose specifics about the drugs it uses to carry out lethal injections.

  14. no french thug lovers? i’m disappointed

  15. No family witnesses for Jasper or Alejandro and can find no last words by Jasper…yet.

    Next up…Anthony Doyle.

  16. Well n2l, you pegged it! Totally self-serving last words….
    No mention of the victim or remorse for his crime

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