EXECUTION WATCH: Anthony Dewayne Doyle (TX)*Updated*


Anthony D. Doyle

Hyun Mi Cho

*Thug: Anthony Dewayne Doyle (18 at time of crime)
*Date of execution: 27 Mar 14
*Victim: Hyun Mi Cho (female, age 37)
*Last meal: TBD, same shit salad served other inmates.*UPDATE* For his last meal, Doyle had a chicken patty, mashed potatoes with country gravy, navy beans, mixed vegetables, sliced bread, and he had a choice of tea, punch, or water to drink.(per Last Suppers)
*Final Words: TBD. In an undated comment Doyle stated “Everyone messes up from time to time but it takes a real man to admit his wrong doings and accept the consequences.” We shall see if he owns up to his alleged manliness.***UPDATE***: Anthony Doyle shook his head and said nothing inside the death chamber in Huntsville when a warden asked if he had a statement to make.(per Pro-Death Penalty)
No words and no remorse.

This scheduled execution has me thoroughly perplexed due to the fact that I can find no images or personal history of Hyun Cho. Including Doyle’s image and history is a disservice to the victim with the absence of her story. I can’t show her image, I can’t disclose if she was married or not, if she had children or any information about her parents or possible siblings.

*UPDATE* A shred of info on Ms. Cho is mentioned in a Grazyck piece from yesterday:”Cho, 37, had been in the U.S. about two years and was earning money to care for her ill parents in South Korea, according to Cho’s sister, who operated two doughnut shops.”
**UPDATE** Found an image of Hyun Mi Cho.

I can only discuss the brutal murder of an innocent woman who was simply working for a living when she had the misfortune of encountering Doyle.

Ms. Cho was delivering a dozen donuts and a dozen breakfast burritos to Doyle’s mother’s house, where Doyle was waiting with an aluminum baseball bat to rob Cho. When Cho informed Doyle she had no money, he struck her twice in the head with the bat and with assistance, stuffed her body in a large rolling trash can. Doyle made an attempt to hide the blood stains and splatters from his crime then proceeded to take Cho’s car, cellphone and credit cards.

The above hyperlink on Doyle’s name gives a brief synopsis of the crime, but in a ten page statement from Doyle we get a better idea of the brutality, callousness and perverse nature of Doyle.

When Cho informed Doyle that she did not have any money, Doyle writes, “I struck her in the head two times… after the second strike, I realized what I was doing and that I had really screwed up badly, so I dropped the bat and started to clean up the blood.”

Doyle told police that a friend arrived shortly after the attack. That friend, Doyle says, helped him remove the body from the house. “He then went outside and got our big green trash bin,” Doyle admits, “(he) brought it into the kitchen area and turned it on its side and shoved the lady into the bin. I then helped him sit the garbage bin upright. When I looked into the bin, the woman looked as if she were breathing, and she also moved her arms as if she were trying to get up.”

Doyle deserves the ‘tortures of the damned’ for his actions.

All of Doyle’s appeals appear to have been used up all the way to the USSC, though an attorney issued another motion to the U.S. 5th CCA on 21 Mar. I expect that Doyle will have his manliness tested come 6p.m. 27 Mar 14.

I do regret to you the readers for being unable to find any information or an image for Ms. Cho. She deserves recognition and to be acknowledged as more than a footnote to Doyle’s criminal behavior.

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  1. So far there is nothing on the 5th Circuit website regarding his appeals. Then again, they usually rule very late (like in the afternoon the day of his execution) and the opinion doesn’t get posted to the website until the next day.

    Anyone who can provide updates, please do so.

  2. I went looking for a photo, too. All I found were photos of murderers or Edgar Tamayo’s family. What a bunch of shit!

    The big anti DP meme is that they were too young at the time they committed their crimes. See how they keep moving that goal post? Not only do they want to abolish the DP they want to abolish life sentences, too.

    I’ve been watching that BBC 3 part doc — the usual anti DP BS. The last part is on Robert Pruitt and Bobby Garza. So, expect lots of company next week. LOL

    • Yeah, I read some weepy-wimpy BS on the Austin Chron about their precious murderers being emotionally and intellectually much younger than their actual age. I will never understand their pretzel logic.
      Not familiar with the show you’ve been watching. I’m certain their “choir” must be lapping it up.

    • life sentences are the bookend of “Death by Execution.” The next step would be to campaign against “Death by Incarceration”

  3. Ashame no information about Ms.Cho is available, it is more personal when you put a face on a victim. But Doyle will recieve his consequences this evening with the ultimate high on pentobarbs.

  4. The media tends to hold back on publishing photos or talking about the victim until the last day. I suspect she had family and children so hopefully, they will speak out.

  5. Very little media coverage on this asshole.

    • No sir. Just a lot of the usual anti-dp/AmNasty links.
      As of 3:30p.m. there are almost two hundred clicks on this thread for today. No comments, though.

  6. Two motions before the Supremes. Probably the same two the TCCA rejected last week.

  7. It’s on.

    THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 2014
    13-9344 DOYLE, ANTHONY D. V. TEXAS (13A963) The application for stay of execution of sentence of death presented to Justice Scalia and by him referred to the Court is denied. The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied.

  8. Hot off the scumpal press: “Anthony Doyle has been murdered by the State of Texas. Shame!”

    Yeah, we got him before he got another of us.

  9. He’s DEAD, Jim.

  10. threaded comments, ugh.

    nice update. good to have a picture of Ms. Cho and some info on her. Sympathy for her family.

    Thread has moo-goo hits, Happy to see the traffic, too bad we aren’t getting a lot of comments.
    Red, Mark, and Liberty, thanks for your contribution to the Blog. We preshate it.

  11. […] nuke on EXECUTION WATCH: Anthony Deway… […]

  12. I’ll agree with everybody’s brief comments or statements ! Well he didn’t get a chance to live a descent lifetime . I will absoultey keep the families in my prayers , but sometimes you have to pay for you’re consquences for your actions .

  13. Ugh. Just watched the third BBC doc on Pruett and Garza. The usual despicable cast of characters — and that’s just the attys!

  14. Rodney Reed’s motion for the 5th Circuit to hear his case en banc has been denied. I was hoping it would get to the USSC and be denied before they go into summer recess but I guess not. Fall will have to do…

  15. Something must be happening on the Hank Skinner case. His scumwife posted a stupid video which is always a sign. For someone who claims he was so sick and lost so much weight, he’s a real tubby.

  16. Did you forget about Selles? His execution date is today and it looks like it is a go. Hope he screams and cries.

    • I don’t know WTH is going on with Sells. The info I had was 22 Apr, but some of the posts I have seen keep saying it is today.
      Just got home so let me do some checking.

      • He should be dead by now. Listening to ExecutionWatch.
        Extremely offensive. The attys, Hill, and they are playing an interview of Sells who is a whiny asshole.

  17. He’s complaining about being disciplined for violations. Here’s a tip: obey the fucking rules.

  18. Hill continues to fap Sells. One interesting thing is that death came quickly. Hill said the drugs they have must be good. Yeah compounding pharmacy!

  19. Now they are lying about the drugs from compounding pharmacies. There is oversight, they have the drugs tested by a second lab, and this batch is 108% potent with no contaminants and as already noted, worked quickly.

    • New thread is up.

      • I would like to say that two lives were lost by Mr. Doyle’s actions that day. I don’t believe in violence and would never excuses his actions. Two wrongs don’t make a thing right. I would have preferred him to get life in prison to think about his actions. Violence is never the answer. I learned that after my own father was murdered.

        • The death penalty IS the answer. Why on earth would you think that he reflect about his actions? No, he would just hook up with a prison gang and commit more violent crimes while in custody.

          • reflecting on his past and coming to terms with his deeds are the actions of a normal person. There is no way that he was a normal person.

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