EXECUTION WATCH: Tommy Lynn Sells *Updated*

Kaylene Harris

*Thug: Tommy Lynn Sells(claims his first murder was at age 16)
Date of Execution: April 3, 2014
Date of crime: December 31, 1999
Victim: Kaylene Harris (age 13)
Last Meal: Same as all other inmates at Polunsky. *Update*:For his last meal, Tommy Lynn Sells had BBQ chopped brisket, chilled pasta salad, peas and carrots, sliced pickles, sliced bread, and he had a choice of tea, punch, or water to drink.(per Last Suppers)
Final Words: TBD.*Update*:He said nothing at all.

Pardon my confusion on this creatures execution date, the listing I had was for 22 Apr.

Regardless, Texas will impose justice on this serial killer. His murder spree lasted almost twenty years. His final murder was of an innocent young girl in Texas, Kaylene “Katy” Harris, which was terrible in its brutality, with the young girl being stabbed sixteen times.

Sells claims to have committed murders from coast to coast and in the range of seventy victims, but no one will ever know for certain.

What is certain is he will never kill or harm another innocent soul again, as his will be roasting in the fires of Hell after tonight.

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  1. He’s DEAD, Jim!

  2. Here is a better link by Graczyk.
    Kaylene Harris’ dad was there and called it a “great day.” God Bless Kaylene and her family.

  3. Just listening to him whine about how everyone was picking on him made me want to hurl.

    • Was that on the broadcast?
      Well, his whining won’t be tolerated where he is headed, it will be feasted on.

      • Yes. There is a copy on EW if you want to listen. He started saying how the guys on death row were a great bunch and actually harmless. lol!

    • He was ruled dead 13 minutes after the injection. For a substance abuser like him, that high grade pharmaceutical injection is almost like a reward for his murders.

  4. “…, the TDCJ will administer a five-gram dose of pentobarbital obtained from a licensed compounding pharmacy within the United States. The batch from which the dose will be taken has been tested by an independent laboratory. That test revealed that it has a potency of 108%, and is free of contaminants. “ Judge Vanessa Gilmore

    You’re right….the ex druggies love it when they feel the rush. The ones who complain of pain have been coached to say it. A guy in another state recently said that his atty told him to say it hurt and he would not do so.

  5. It appears the TCCA is really playing hardball on post conviction dna testing. Good. Like Atkins, it has been abused and merely used as a stalling tactic.


  6. There is another execution scheduled today.

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