NCAA Football: Henry’s New Love

On 12 May Derrick Henry (RB Alabama Crimson Tide) posted an instagram of his new car and added the caption “Everybody meet my new baby ! #Fiona”

The one question no one is asking is, “that thing got a Hemi?”

The other question that needs no answer is, just who is the Fiona young Derrick is referring to?

EXECUTION WATCH: Robert James Campbell(TX)

Alexandra Rendon

Robert James Campbell

*Thug: Robert James Campbell (age 18, at time of murder)
*Date of execution: May 13, 2014 (shortly after 6p.m. CST
*Date of crime: January 3, 1991
*Victim: Alexandra Rendon (age 20)
*Last meal: Same shit salad served inmates at Polunsky
*Final words: TBD, though his last words to Ms. Rendon will not be forgotten…”run bitch.”

Now comes one Robert James Campbell, to receive final justice for the cruel rape and murder of an innocent young lady that was scheduled to be married in four months. Alexandra Rendon was buried in the wedding gown, instead of a symbol of joy it was now a symbol of loss and pain.

Facts of the case:

Campbell and his accomplice, Leroy Lewis, abducted the young Bank One teller as she fueled her car at a service station not far from her southwest side apartment about 11 p.m. on Jan. 3, 1991. The men drove her to a muddy field in the 9700 block of Knight Road, where she was sexually assaulted and ordered to run.

Campbell, 18, paroled months earlier after serving four months of a five-year sentence for two robberies, fired a shot at Rendon’s head – and missed. The second shot slammed into the woman’s back with deadly effect.
Campbell’s friends later told authorities he had boasted of the crime. Police recovered Rendon’s coat from Campbell’s mother; her watch and high school class ring from the killer’s girlfriend. Lewis, also 18, confessed to police. He was paroled in May 2012 after serving nine years of a 35-year sentence in the case.

There is no question of his guilt, the only question most will ask is, why did it take so long for Campbell to receive justice?
The simple answer is, weasels wrote writs:

*On April 2, 1991, a Harris County grand jury indicted Campbell for rape- and kidnaping-related capital murder.
*On May 14, 1992, after a trial in the 232nd District Court of Harris County, jurors found Campbell guilty of capital murder.
*On May 21, 1992, after a punishment hearing, the judge entered an order sentencing Campbell to death.
*On June 14, 1995, on direct review, the Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed Campbell’s conviction and sentence.
*On April 15, 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari review of the Court of Criminal Appeals decision.
*On April 23, 1997, Campbell filed his first application for state habeas corpus relief. The Court of Criminal Appeals denied Campbell’s petition on March 8, 2000.
*On Nov. 2, 2000, Campbell filed his federal petition for habeas corpus relief in the Southern District of Texas. The federal district court denied the petition on March 19, 2003.
*Campbell filed his second application for state habeas corpus relief on June 2, 2003. The Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed Campbell’s second application for habeas corpus relief on July 2, 2003.
*On July 22, 2003, Campbell moved in the Fifth Circuit for permission to file a successive federal habeas corpus petition. The Fifth Circuit denied Campbell permission on Nov. 13, 2003.
*On Dec. 9, 2004 – in connection with Campbell’s initial federal petition for habeas corpus relief – the Fifth Circuit denied Campbell a certificate of appealability, thus denying permission to appeal.
*On Nov. 14, 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari review of the Fifth Circuit Court’s decision denying Campbell a certificate of appealability.
*On Aug. 14, 2006, Campbell filed his third application for state habeas corpus relief. The Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed Campbell’s third application for habeas corpus relief on April 25, 2007.
*On Nov. 26, 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari review of the Court of Criminal Appeals decision regarding Campbell’s third application for state habeas corpus relief.
*Campbell filed his fourth application for state habeas corpus relief on Sept. 5, 2012.
*On Nov. 7, 2012, the Court of Criminal Appeals denied relief on Campbell’s fourth application for habeas corpus relief.
*On Oct. 7, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari review of Campbell’s fourth application for state habeas corpus relief.
*On Nov. 18, 2013, the 232nd District Court of Harris County scheduled Campbell’s execution for May 13, 2014.

In addition, Campbell’s lawyers have tried and failed with recent appeals claiming he is mentally incompetent and that the state needs to disclose who the drug provider is as a result of the unusual(but successful) results from the Lockett execution in Oklahoma.

It appears Campbell will finally receive justice this coming Tuesday night.

For the family of Alexandra Rendon, nothing can assuage the pain you have had to endure all this time. As for the uncle, Israel Santana, I can only hope you have awakened to the suffering others have to deal with from the actions of those you defend and not just the selfish pity you feel for the loss of your loved one.

NCAA Football: Some Brief Notes

Many are enamored with the current NFL draft. I am not one of those who are, I am a “homer” and am only interested in how current and former OU Sooners are doing. With that in mind, the following graph shows quantity versus quality when it comes to first round NFL draft picks, over the past ten years.


The inexplicable “love fest” that sportscasters have with the former Texas A&M QB was in full display last night, with ESPN mentioning his name 113 times and the NFL network following closely behind with 105 mentions.

Not to be outdone, the Taiwanese Animators have been following some of the major stories concerning NCAA football.

5 Basic Characteristics of a Psychopath

A guest post, by Daphne Holmes

Psychopathic behavior comes to light most frequently when inconceivable acts of brutality are uncovered in society. Serial killers, most notably, are associated with sociopathic and psychopathic behavior because the nature of their crimes is so abhorrent, casual observers have a hard time making sense of it. And while the exploits of deviants like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy do furnish high-profile examples of psychopathic behavior, not every psychopath ultimately turns to violence.

Acting out in violent ways is one characteristic of psychopathic behavior, but there are other traits, less visible, which also illustrate psychopathic tendencies. Early psychopathof psychopaths identified a moral deficiency among them, which stood among well-adjusted individuals who were better able to reconcile social aspects of their lives. Today’s clinical standard for identifying psychopaths has advanced to include specific traits, including these qualities commonly exhibited by sociopathic individuals.

Emotionally Vacant

To varying degrees, psychopathic behavior includes shallow or absent emotions. Notorious deviants, for example, are well-known for displaying a lack of fear. In many cases, the brazen activities psychopaths engage-in result from their lack of normal fear responses, which would halt well-adjusted individuals long before they commit atrocities. Shame and other social emotions are also diminished among psychopaths who display little sign of embarrassment in social circumstances. Love is foreign to psychopaths as well, which further distances them from normal, well-adjusted people capable of empathizing with others.


Unapologetic self-obsession is a commonly held personality trait exhibited by psychopaths. Their narcissistic tendencies prevent them from understanding their true roles in society, and they often believe there part is of significant importance in the grand scheme of things. Instead of maintaining realistic social views and expectations, psychopaths often show a sense of entitlement. By holding to their visions of self-importance, psychopaths justify their behavior to themselves. After all, they seem themselves at the center of every social dynamic, so the rules simply don’t apply to them.


Overwhelmingly, psychotic individuals are poor planners, unable to construct reasonable approaches to life. They are overconfident by nature, so psychopaths are prone to poor judgment – turning to their perceived abilities to solve dilemmas, rather than identifying the facts and influences which might lead them to make prudent decisions.

Lack of Guilt and Accountability

Rationalizing their antisocial behavior is easy for psychopaths, who simply do not adhere to normal patterns of guilt and accountability. Whereas others seek was to make amends or reconcile missteps they make, psychopathic individuals are not bound by social conventions, so guilt is simply not a part of their thinking. Since ethics and responsibility are not present to hinder their rationalizations, it becomes impossible for psychopaths to experience remorse or guilt and easy for them to blame others for their own shortcomings.


By many accounts, psychopaths are often capable of socializing, even excelling at being “charming”. Outwardly, this may seem contrary to what we know about the character of psychopaths, but seen for what it is, the reality actually fits right in with a typical sociopathic personality. Psychopaths are cunning and manipulative, so appearances may point to a glib, conversational individual. In truth, however, their presentations are deceitful, so casual observers never see the truth about what lurks beneath the surface.

Psychopathic tendencies do not always lead to explosive violence and depraved behavior. There are, however, shared tendencies exhibited by notorious psychopaths and those whose lives unfold without significant incidents. Understanding the disorder accounts for characteristics like narcissism, egocentrism, overconfidence and a host of other irregularities associated with the sickness.


Daphne Holmes contributed this guest post. She is a writer from and you can reach her at

*Dear IRS:  Please do not audit Daphne for the tasteless picture of Bronco Bama with joker’s makeup.  I put that photo up.  But you really can’t blame me either.  I just googled ‘psychpath’ and THERE it was.  So, audit Google.  They gots the cash, anyways.  -nuke.

Quote Of The Week: John Zogby(?)

If you are a leftist and you have lost John Zogby, you are truly rudderless.

“Mr. Obama is no longer seen as the transformational symbol of hope and change, but more as an ogre of a hellish national security state. A new round of Benghazi emails reappears like a nasty zit. Lousy week.”


All I can add to that scathing report is…well said-well spoken.


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