6 June 1944: Honoring Those Brave Men


Greatness personified

I have had the honor of knowing a few men who endured the horrors of the Normandy invasion.

To this day I cannot begin to fathom the emotions they must have experienced.

My eyes water and my heart is weighted with pride when I think of what they accomplished and how they suffered for us.

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  1. Glad to know war chick is still around the interwebs. Saving Pvt Ryan told the story of the invasion in a way that his generation had never seen. What those brave men accomplished will never be forgotten. It is a debt that can only be repaid by the living, and the willingness to bear the sacrifice for future generations to come .

  2. Was watching a new series on History, D-Day in HD. A two part series with part 2 tomorrow night. It is very well done.
    One unit in the first wave had 95% casualties in the first 20 minutes, another had 85% casualties in the first 15 minutes. Only by the grace of God did they survive, but had to witness their friends being killed and maimed all around them. Bearing that burden is unimaginable.

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