McDaniel vs Cochran: Part Deux

The polls have been closed for less than an hour in Mississippi, and early returns are starting to come in. Both candidates have made their last minute pitches to the voting public, and there is nothing left to do but count the votes.

The story on the radio today spoke of higher than normal turnout, and higher turnouts in normally Democratic areas of the state. No doubt, the result of Boss Haley Barbour’s GOTV effort in the Black churches. Win or lose, the tactics of the establishment Republicans, including both the current and former Governor, have left a lasting and bitter taste with conservative Mississippians. Perhaps the most repugnant tactic used by the Barbour Gang was the Anti-Tea Party Robo-call, urging Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary to re-elect Cochran and stop the RACIST Tea Party.

gone fishingSumbich. It’s bad enough to hear that kind of rhetorical arson from the Leftists, but when our own Party uses it against us? I don’t know about anyone else, but if Cochran wins because of those Democrat votes, THIS Racist Tea-Party Bastid will follow the time honored practice by taking a fishing trip the first week of November.

And you, Thad Cochran, will have no one to blame but yourself.


We will be posting updates throuout the night as the results come in.  Meanwhile, grab some popcorn, and feel free to join in the discussion.  Admission is free.  BYOB.

19 Responses

  1. Not liking the early results.
    If this continues I will vote for a Klingon before I ever vote for a GOP-e candidate.
    John Cornyn has already lost my vote for his Senate reelection.

  2. 58% of precints reporting, cochran leads 52-48 5,500 votes

  3. I don’t think McDaniel can overcome that 4% with only 36% left unreported.

  4. it was about this point in the first primary that mcdaniel began to make his move.

  5. 3.8% Cochran lead with 68% reporting.

  6. mcconnell said they would crush the tea party. I guess he thinks he can win without us. Fuk him

  7. GOP=e can kiss my brown star.

  8. DANG!
    Can he do it?
    .8% with 13% unreported.

    • Nope, it ain’t happening.
      Thad the Spud should be real proud of his sorry self.

      • I haven’t found the county by county returns yet. still looking. right now it looks like chris is approaching his total vote vount from the first race, and the votes for the 3rd guy have all broken for spud.

        • 1.2% with 5% to go.
          I’m hoping, but it looks like Spud’s early lead was too much to overcome.

          • I just found a recording of spud’s last ditch radio ad to the black community — “vote for thad cochran or you’ll lose your food stamps!” no shite. I’m trying to upload it to youtube before it disappears.

  9. 1.4% with only 4% unreported, yet it hasn’t been called yet.

  10. Well, crap. Sorry, Nuke. Was really hoping y’all could elect a Senator you could be proud of.
    With only 3% unreported, no way McD makes up over 4,000 votes.
    I’m out.

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